geloyellow + film no. 2

Welcome to the second edition of geloyellow + film! Although there are 36 exposures in the roll that I used, I will only be sharing a few photos and they're mostly photos of my friends. Other photos not published here will be used for my other personal projects.

I went to a cinematography workshop by Yam Laranas with my friends a few months ago. Before we went to the venue, we passed the time by browsing books at Powerbooks Greenbelt. Does anyone know what type of mirror is this called? I really like taking shots like this since college.

I'm starting to like slower shutter speed photos. This is my friend Vis and was taken on the evening of Easter Sunday this year. We just went around South Forbes with our friend Mixi (his girlfriend) I shot them for a book that'll be published in the Philippines soon! I'm a part of that book and the photos in it were shot by me. I also vlogged this day. You can watch it here.

That is Kai Honasan performing with Josh Villena during Reese Lansangan's Exploration No. 5 music video launch. I forgot to take a picture of Reese during the launch. Sad lyf.

I went to Wanderland for the first time ever and I got to experience it with my lovely friends. Before we headed straight to the festival, we ate at Jollibee SLEX because Jollibee is love. Jollibee is life.

I just like taking pictures of clouds.

Shameless plug!!! I'm selling stickers. HAHA! It's 100 pesos for all 4 stickers. They're 3 inches in size and is matte-laminated. Let me know if you wanna buy when we see each other.

The aftermath of the two-day cinematography workshop. We had dinner at Torch (I love their bacon sushi!) and had ice cream at 7-Eleven. I'm glad the guard didn't mind us sitting outside. I love these two.

I had a photowalk around our hometown with my friends last Saturday and this is the last photo that I took. I vlogged that day and it will be up on my channel soon! More shots will be revealed on that video. This is my friend Josh wearing my camera with a gorillapod which I use for vlogging. This concludes geloyellow + film no.2! See ya next time! Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

geloyellow + film no. 1

"It's been 84 years..." 

This is so random but wow, I'm actually updating my blog after a long while. Anyway, my friend Josh let me borrow his film camera recently just because. I couldn't pass up on the opportunity because I've always wanted to try it since college. I immediately got myself a Kodak film from the mall and had the roll of film loaded inside. Thank god there's google because I had no idea how to operate the camera properly. Neither did my friend.

Below are my favorite shots from shooting with film for the first time. There are 36 shots (or is it exposures?) for every roll of film and these are the ones that I found most decent. The only difficulty I found with shooting is getting my subject in focus. My eyesight is getting worse because my laptop's screen is broken and it's connected to the TV (that I've been staring at for hours everyday). But hey, some people say sharpness is overrated so whatevs.

It was my first time to attend Art Fair PH. I loved the artworks but there were too many people taking selfies and OOTDs. This is the only photo I have of the event (though my friend Mixi took a photo of me in front of it lol) and also one of my favorite paintings because of its color palette.

The ice cream looked cute but I wish I had a better background. Also, the serving was too small. What is this? An ice cream for ants?!

Reese Lansangan under the sun *insert sun emoji here* I recently collaborated with her on her first music video and it was my first time directing one. I mean I've made "music videos" before but not for an actual musician! With song lyrics!!! And it's Reese Lansangan!!!

Her blog is one of my favorite ones to read back in college mainly because of its whole aesthetic (her photos, graphics, and everything else). It's really cool that I get to collab with her now. Our music video will be up on her YouTube channel soon!

I love taking pictures of white people.

Vis mah brotha from anotha motha. Solid bro, dude, pare, chong.

So sad I didn't get to see Mayon Volcano in full. Legend says that that cloud and volcano are actually lovers hugging each other. "Buti pa 'yung bulkan may love life." You didn't hear it from me.

Growing up, I've always loved McDo more than Jollibee because I'm a white boy deep inside. (Kidding.) But recently, I feel like I've been converted to Jollibeeism. Maybe this is the effect of eating nothing but Chickenjoy for three straight days while I was in Bicol.

Let me know what you think of my first attempt at film photography in the comments section! Click here to see more photos.
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