As promised in my previous Uniqlo Haul, I made another one because a branch opened in SM City Sta. Rosa which is just a jeep/tricycle away from my house. I'm really glad because I don't always have to go to Mall of Asia just to buy nice clothes. Plus, it's easier to buy if there's an emergency like having to buy birthday gifts or getting nice clothes for big events. Haha!

Since there were so many people, I just had to rush to the SPRZ NY collection to get the best designs. Luckily, I found this camo shirt which was the last piece available. The rest of the designs didn't interest me while some I already have. I'm kind of disappointed because the branch didn't have American Movie Characters, Pixar and The Simpsons. Oh well. I guess I'll have to go to MOA.

It's a nice touch that they added Andy Warhol's signature at the back of the shirt!

As a huge Disney fan, I just had to get Mickey Mouse shirts. These two are the shirts that attracted me the most.

At the side of the shirt is a text that indicates that you're a part of the Mickey Mouse Club. It's a nice touch but I'm not a fan of the font they used.

Mickey is so artsy! Haha!

Can I just say that this is the most comfortable hoodie I've ever worn? Because IT FREAKING IS! Since it's almost Christmastime, I had to get this one to anticipate the cold nights. I wore this to school the other day and it felt like I was wrapped in a blanket of clouds. I just wanted to sleep all day! There are no regrets getting this one for Php 999!

This is how the inside of it looks like. Just look at it. It's looking at you. It wants to hug you. YOU know you want to. Just dive in.

 And that is it for my Uniqlo Haul! I also got a pair of underwear that I didn't need to take a picture of (lol) and I also got a pair of Casual Pants that week. The best pants I ever got! This brand is my current favorite.

I love Topman and their designs (oh my god they're gorgeous) but it's a little bit out of me and my parent's budget. Haha! What you can buy with one Topman shirt is equal to 2-3 shirts in Uniqlo! What I also love about the brand is that it's affordable but have reeaaally good designs!

By the way, I am not sponsored or affiliated with Uniqlo. I'm doing this for the love of the brand. But if they'd sponsor me, I'd gladly oblige ;) HAHAHA jk


Design Talks is back at Ayala Museum! This time around, it's Filipino designer and illustrator Dan Matutina's turn to inspire people.

Before the event started, we were handed out this really cool poster which was designed by Dan himself!

While I'm a huge fan of large conferences like Graphika Manila, Dan Matutina’s talk gives you an in-depth look at his artistic life from his childhood to the present. His talk was really inspiring because you just can’t help but see how down to earth he is despite his success in the art world locally and internationally. He talked about his humble beginnings in Tacloban and how he managed to become an artist from such a secluded environment.

Dan told us that no matter what job we get after graduation; we shouldn’t lose sight of our dream. That struck me the most and I agree to it. There’s no assurance that the first job that we’ll get is our dream job. We can always work our way up and in due time, we’ll achieve our dreams and aspirations just like him.

(For some reason, blogspot makes some of my black and white photos look sepia which is really annoying) We get to meet Dan after the talk and even got the chance to get his autograph and take a picture with him! He's one of my favorite Filipino designers/design heroes! I can't wait for the next Ayala Museum Design Talks!
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