MARVELous Captain America shirt from F&H

 I bought a Captain America shirt at Folded and Hung for Php 699. It's newly-released so it's a bit expensive :) But it's worth your money since the graphics are awesome and the material is very sturdy. Since I was satisfied, I'm going to buy more!

It even comes with an awesome Marvel paper bag :D

At the back of the shirt is Captain America's shield

I also love the design of the tag. Anyways, you can get more Marvel shirts like Thor, Spiderman, Wolverine and many more at any Folded and Hung store nationwide. Besides shirts, there are belts, caps, bags, etc. Buy a MARVELous merch now at F&H! :)

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  1. asdlkjsadklj that shirt is so great I want one.


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