Starbucks 2012 Planner

I finally got the new planner from Starbucks. It took me a bit long to collect the stickers. I've been collecting the Starbucks planner every year but I never really use them properly. Sometimes I would doodle on them, sometimes I would use it to write scripts and other stuff.

I got the Bamboo one. I think it's really made with bamboo. I wanted to get the cherry one though but it wasn't available. I'm gonna collect stickers again so I can avail of the cherry planner.

The pouch for the planner is a nice touch. I like how it looks so formal that you can actually use it for business and other grown up entrepreneur stuff. Haha!

Here's a close up of the planner:

What I also like with the design this year is that the Starbucks logo is embossed/debossed on the cover.

Included in the planner is a bookmark and promo cards.

Like previous Starbucks planners, there are nice graphics and photos inside. Each year has a different theme though.

Other variations include Oak, Poplar, Cherry and Spruce. Well, that's it for this post. I hope I also get the cherry one because it has the nicest color of all. Well, for me. And maybe for others too since it got out of stock quickly. Anyways,all photos are by me. Enough talk. Have a wonderful December everyone! :) And advance Merry Christmas! :D

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