Prepped up for school.

It's going to be a new term on Wednesday. It's the third term now for me at De La Salle - College of St. Benilde and we're now deblocked. I'm going to meet new faces, have new experiences, and lots of new stuff. To prepare for the challenging term, (challenging because I have to put up with a lot of new experiences because I do not know yet how to deal with this term, you know, now that we're deblocked and you don't know who to hang out with or what.) I bought a backpack that can help me survive the upcoming terms for its durability.

And so, I bought a Jansport bag. It's been proven for years for its durability and cool designs. I bought a plain bag from Bratpack.

I chose blue since it's my favorite color.

Well, it's kinda expensive but it's totally worth your money.

What's great about Jansport bags is that they have a lifetime warranty and you can either get your bag fixed or replaced in Travel Club stores such as in Alabang Town Center.

I also love the fit because it's very comfortable.
 If you plan to buy a backpack, make sure that its brand is Jansport
You can buy Jansport bags at any Bratpack store nationwide. Visit them at


  1. bag's VERY VERY familiar....VERY

  2. THAT'S SUCH A PRETTY SHADE. :O Now that you mention it, I have to start prepping up for school again. HELLO TERRIBLE HANDWRITING.

  3. Don't believe Nichie. She has the perfect hand writing :))

    I love your bag!! I was looking for one too, but I miserably failed hahaha :)) See ya soon Gelo! :D


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