And now, Quatro Productions presents their first ever short film Tsayms! A short filmed produced just within hours by a group of 4 college students! Constructive criticisms are appreciated :)

Directed by: Tristan Flores
Edited by: Tristan Flores and Gerard Lopez
Starring: Katrina Pascual and Cris Panes
Makeup by: Katrina Pascual
Costume Designer: Cris Panes
Story by: Tristan Flores, Gerard Lopez, Cris Panes, Katrina Pascual
Produced by: Quatro Productions

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'Til our next film! Ciao! :D


  1. .......................omg that scene where she was in the kitchen table place and the kid was all up in her business but she didn't see, I felt so tense because it looked so creepy. The part where she was being dragged off was cool, too. Was she actually being dragged away or did she do that herself? :O And everything's edited so nicely! :> Looking forward to more Quatro Productions films. If I ever wrote a script, I should get you guys to make the film. XD

    1. yeah a lot got scared of that part hahaha! She was half being dragged and half doing that herself hahaha thank you so much Nichie! :D Also, I'm looking forward to that script ;) can't wait to collab with you soon!


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