La Vie Boheme: Kat's 18th Birthday

My very fashionable friend Kat Alcazar celebrated her 18th birthday last February 25,2012 at her alma mater Dominican College Santa Rosa. It was my first time to attend a debut with such a theme because her theme was Bohemian Fashion. I must say we all looked so great. My friends looked really beautiful as well as the guests and her family. Of course, the most beautiful and most special person that day is no other than the debutante herself. All of us looked photoshoot worthy and felt like models. Hahaha! I had so much fun that day. We danced like no one was watching and we danced to our heart's content. I got sad a bit though because I wasn't able to float a lantern. But it's fine now. Anyways, here are some photos of the event. The following photos are shots by my very talented friend Tristan Flores.

That's Kat and her parents. Kat designed that dress she's wearing. She's so awesome!

Me and my friend Jo Arellano

 Me and Loise Veloso :>

Sel, Loise, Me , Kat and Chikki 

Me and my college friends. Beautiful people! :))

I get all the ladies! Hehehe

  That's Cris at the left. So cute!

Me and my brotha Tristan Flores!

Only one lantern was released because the nuns got worried it might cause a fire </3

Now here are some photobooth pics:

I had os much fun! I want more parties! I just wanna dance all night long. Oh and I loved all of our outfit that day ♥


  1. fun day is fun indeed :>

  2. Everyone looks so pretty and happy and boho and I'm pretty sure I told Loise the same thing. XD Loise looks happy, btw. :> Thanks for taking good care of her.


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