Fun Friday at the Mall of Asia

Last Friday, me and my friends headed to the Mall of Asia to check out their End of Season Sale. We definitely rocked out the sale because we strolled around the mall, store by store until our feet literally dropped 'til we shopped. We weren't able to buy all the things that we wanted but we were able to canvass on stuff that we plan to buy the next time we go back to this mall. And since this mall has state-of-the-art infrastructures, scenic view and beautiful exteriors and interiors, we decided to have a fashion shoot. We were inspired by the mall's beauty plus our fellow Benildean, David Guison endorses the Mall of Asia and has this gigantic billboard of himself! Talk about lucky. Now here are some photos from the shoot!

My good-looking friend and has the every trait of a celebrity, Zedrik Tandoc! You should remember his face because who knows, you might see him in billboards and in the television soon enough. Check out his blog:

And this is my very beautiful friend Loise Veloso! You won't regret making friends with her. She's one of the bubbliest people I've ever met.

Loise is very cute, ain't she? She was really shy at first to take some photos but she was able to pull it off well. her colorful bag from Kipling adds that edge to her nice outfit. Colors could really make anything look great. I can't imagine a world without colors.

This is my friend Tristan Flores. He's our very talented photographer for the day. He's also very fashionable and can pull off any type of clothing be it edgy or basic. The photos in this blog were his shots (well, except for photos of himself haha). Check out his blog: 

Planking is out, Levitation photography is in! Or as we like to call it, jump shot!

All in all, we had a really awesome day at The Mall of Asia and we just couldn't wait to go back. This mall provided us with lots of fun and laughter plus we got to hang out with our friends. We enjoyed so much that the Mall of Asia hungry for more. That is one of the reasons why people flock to this mall that we Filipinos should be proud to have. Now that you've read this post, don't hesitate going to this awesome mall. And you better hurry, because their End of Season Sale ends on July 15!


  1. These photos are sooooo awesome!! too bad I wasn't able to go with you guys.. :(

  2. Awesome blog Gerard! So nice to meet you at MOA the other day! Keep it up!

  3. Very Cool.! nice one.


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