After a week of suspensions and hectic schedules, we finally managed to bring back Fashion Mondays! And since we're back, our theme for the shoot is "Back to School". Here are some inspirations for that "Back to School" vibe! Check out the beautiful and handsome people that joined us below: 

Yay for my beautiful friend Kay for joining us. Haha! She's too shy though. She can be a model right? :)
This is what I wore for the shoot. Wore a graphic shirt underneath and put on a cardigan for color. And because that's a tank/sando and it's not allowed to be worn in school. Haha!

Join Fashion Mondays every Monday at the SDA 6th floor, 1-2:30pm. See ya!
Check out the previous Fashion Mondays here.
Photos by the amazing Tristan Flores! :D

Modern Manila


The city that never sleeps

Fashion Mondays is/are back! After a three-week hiatus, we finally did another shoot. Though I don't always join because I'm not always fashionable (haha), I find time to dress up every Monday so I can join some of my friends. These are my outfit shots, taken by no other than Tristan Flores! I will post the whole set soon featuring everybody who joined us so watch out for that.

I should really learn how to pose. I'm tired of just standing there waiting for my photo to be taken. Haha!

Puzzle necklace with the letter G on it for Gelo!

CARDIGAN Forever 21
PANTS Forever 21 
SHOES Hush Puppies

What do you guys think? Please comment below! Or tweet me @GeloYellow :)

Graphika Manila 2012

If there is any event where you'll get inspired the most, Graphika Manila certainly fits that criteria. Last August 11, 2012, I was able to attend the most-anticipated multimedia event in the Philippines. Local and international speakers gave out inspiring talks, showcased works of art, achievements, experiences and many more.

"Graphika Manila has been instrumental in bringing in some of the industry's most respected professionals to share their diverse experiences in multimedia and graphic design. Each year, we strive to keep Graphika Manila even more exciting by inviting speakers whom our audiences want."

The event was held at the SMX Convention Center at The Mall of Asia. Attendees get to have the GM bag which contains the GM 2012 Book, a set of stickers, GM baller, E-certificate of attendance plus many more. You also get free stuff from the venue like back issues of Adobo Magazine. Hydro74, one of the speakers, gave out free posters, stickers and button pins after the event.

First up was Rob Cham and Christian San Jose of Create.ph. I must say that I am a big fan of Rob Cham. I just love his art.

Ten things to get you motivated :)

These people became their clients. Yup I'm serious. Amazeballs! :D

For the next speaker, Jerome Austria took the spotlight and inspired us all. He's got some cool shit up his sleeve!

She's the host for this year's Graphika Manila. I forgot her name but I think she was also the host last year.

Also one of my favorite Pinoy artists JP Cuison! I freaked out a bit when I saw him get on stage. Haha! I'm also a big fan of his art. I got his autograph but I didn't get to take a picture with him. Here are some of his works:

This cool guy right here is GMunk! He worked on the motion graphics and visual effects of Tron: Legacy, which is one of my favorite movies. I was screaming inside LOL

One thing you'll notice when you enter the convention is the very artistic architecture. 

These are the speakers for the event. From L-R: Joshua Smith of Hydro74, Gerald Ding of Psyop, Jerome Austria, Sudeep Gohil of Droga5, Christian San Jose and Rob Cham of Create.ph, JP Cuison and GMunk.

I went to the event with some of my awesome friends!

My friend Mariel Empit has a blog post too about this. There are more photos there. Please check it out. 

By the way, do you want to know how awesome she is? Well, her work is featured in the Graphika Manila 2012 Book! She deserves it. Very supportive friend right here! :) And that is it for my post about Graphika Manila 2012. I'm looking forward to next year's event.

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