Christmas Gift: Adventure Time Reversible Backpack

It's that time of the year again where people rush to malls and shops to get their loved ones a present for Christmas. Luckily for me, I got an early Christmas gift. My early Christmas gift is an Adventure Time backpack from Hot Topic that my aunt bought for me. Since the rest of my relatives are already in Seattle and we're the only ones left here in the Philippines, they visit us/celebrate Christmas here every year. 

Since it's December, they're going to be balikbayans again so I asked my tita to buy me the AT reversible backpack that I saw spreading like wildfire on Facebook  Haha! I googled what brand that Adventure Time backpack was from and found out that it was from Hot Topic. Fortunately, there's no Hot Topic here (so it's not too mainstream HAHA kidding) so I didn't hesitate to ask my tita to buy me one. 

That backpack is exclusively available at Hot Topic. Other shops that sell it are probably knockoffs.

On the strap of the backpack, you'll see an AT logo sewn on it.

I don't want to throw away the tags 'cause they look so nice LOL

Now on to the backpacks! There are two sides. One side is Finn and the other one is Jake. For me, I can't decide which side I like the most because both of the designs look awesome. 

You might be wondering, how the heck do you turn a backpack inside out? Well, I'll show you!

First you release the buckle on the straps.

Then pull the straps from an opening at the bottom of the bag so that you can put the straps to the side you're going to use. Flip the bag inside out, buckle up the straps then, voila! You are now able to reverse your AT backpack. Haha! As simple as that.

From Finn, you now have a Jake backpack. It's just like having two backpacks. People won;t realize that you're using the same bag over and over. Haha!  So that's it for my first Christmas gift! I also got a pair of Doc martens from my aunt but I don't think that's worth blogging lol plus I don't have a decent camera. Anyways, advanced Merry Christmas to you all! God Bless Us, everyone!--Tiny Tim LOL

Starbucks 2013 Planner

It's that time of the year again where people flock to a cozy Starbucks Coffee branch, have a break from all the stress and have a sip of coffee or Frappuccino even. And not just that, it's been an annual tradition at Starbucks to have a promo where people collect stickers through their coffee purchases to redeem a limited edition planner after a certain number of stickers during the -ber months in the Philippines.

And it's for a good cause too. Not only you receive a nice planner, you also help thousands of Filipino children in remote barangays receive early childhood care and education. 

Presenting the Starbucks 2013 planner. This years's planner is bigger than last year's and has a nice minimalist approach to it. At first glance, you'd think that it's just a plain black cover. But if you'd look closely, there are patterns at the side. This is just the cover part (or more like an outer case) that can also serve as a protector for the main planner inside. 

There are three available colors. The black version (which is this one), and a white and green version too. Originally, I wanted the green one since I'm from LaSalle haha! but I can't really decide because I also want the white one since it looks classy. Last year, I got all 6 available designs. Hahaha!

 I was really pressured when I was already claiming the planner so I said black on impulse. I don't know if I have regrets since it looks nice but if I can, I might collect stickers again and claim another planner, either the green or white one. Now on to the review!

Once you open it, you'll see a magnetic Starbucks cup bookmark. It's very convenient especially when you need to remember something important on a specific page in the planner.

If you flip the pages really fast, you'd notice this animated mug on the bottom part of the pages inside and it would fill up 'til the last page. That's a nice touch too!

I like how they made it more personal, as if the planner's your buddy. It's also nice that Starbucks put mini activities every month. So it's not just a planner. It can be your diary too!

really like the magnetic seal at the side of the planner because it seals it properly and perfectly.

Of course who wouldn't miss the free coupons that come with it. For me, the coupons this year are much better since you get more from it. And the design is nicer too! And the friendly messages on the front are adorable.

This year, they added 3 extra coupons! How generous! But I won't show what they are so you should get the planner to find out. All in all, the Starbucks 2013 planner is worth getting since it's important for a busy person just like me. I want to organize the events, assignments and other little things in my life so that I wouldn't miss them. 

And because of purchasing this planner, I get to help children have a better life. It's always nice to share your blessings, and not just when it's Christmas. That's it for my review. I'm gonna take good care of this planner. Have a wonderful year everyone!

My first trick-or-treat experience

It's that time of the year again where kids and kids-at-heart dress up in scary or cute costumes and fill their li'l 'ol pumpkin pail with candy. Unfortunately for me, last October 31 marks the first time I had my own trick-or-treating experience. I never really had the chance when I was a kid and if ever I had one, I was too shy. Haha! But this year, I decided not to be shy so I could have fun and be able to experience it.

I celebrated Halloween this year with my friend Kay Salgado at her crib in Dasmarinas Village. Ain't she a beautiful Pocahontas? :D Ignore my face LOL it was difficult to ride the LRT and MRT to go to her place. Haha! But it was worth it.

That's me, Kay's Ate Cara and her cousins.

There were really lots of kids who were trick-or-treating at their village since outsiders are allowed only if they know someone who lives there and has their address. Who knew it was super stressful just to give out candies. Once we were at their doorstep with a basket full of candies, a huge wave of kids, teens and even adults approached us and raided our candies. They were gone in seconds! Haha!

We saw this super cute little girl in a Spongebob costume!

These twins in their leopard costume were very adorable too!


 Me and Kay's mom! She's super nice and very accommodating and made me feel at home. She owns a bake shop called Cake Avenue Baksehop. Her Halloween cupcakes, cookies and other food she prepared were VERY delicious. I thought I was in heaven! :))

My friend Kara joined us later on and then we started trick-or-treating!

Trixie, Kara and me. We got free ice cream from Vicky Belo's house! Aww yeah! It's got Glutathione in it LOL kidding!

 Kara in her Steve Aoki costume LOL she's not smiling in any of the photos here because she's afraid her mustache might fall off.

 Kara as Steve Aoki and me as a hipster. HAHA kidding!

Saw this cool giant pumpkin with a ghost in it that hides and pops back out every second.

 This was in front of Vicky Belo's house. They were giving free ice cream so we lined up even though there were lots of kids. It took a while but it was worth it because the ice cream was very delicious! Haha! The reason we went here in the first place was because the girls thought there was an Azkal player here. Haha!

 We went trick-or-treating until night but there weren't very many candy left since there were a lot of kids. We only got a small amount of candy huhu so we planned that we'd go all out next year and wear costumes. Haha! We were lucky enough to find this house where a guy was giving a handful of M&Ms, Snickers and other expensive chocolates. 

He was giving them out like it was just a piece of cheap candy LOL rich bitch :)) We had dinner at their house before I went home. The food was awesome! Wish I was there everyday. Hahaha!

This year's Halloween was the best for me and I hope I could celebrate it again with my awesome friends next year. And that's it for my first trick-or-treat experience! How was your Halloween? Put your comments below. Ciao!
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