Christmas Gift: Adventure Time Reversible Backpack

It's that time of the year again where people rush to malls and shops to get their loved ones a present for Christmas. Luckily for me, I got an early Christmas gift. My early Christmas gift is an Adventure Time backpack from Hot Topic that my aunt bought for me. Since the rest of my relatives are already in Seattle and we're the only ones left here in the Philippines, they visit us/celebrate Christmas here every year. 

Since it's December, they're going to be balikbayans again so I asked my tita to buy me the AT reversible backpack that I saw spreading like wildfire on Facebook  Haha! I googled what brand that Adventure Time backpack was from and found out that it was from Hot Topic. Fortunately, there's no Hot Topic here (so it's not too mainstream HAHA kidding) so I didn't hesitate to ask my tita to buy me one. 

That backpack is exclusively available at Hot Topic. Other shops that sell it are probably knockoffs.

On the strap of the backpack, you'll see an AT logo sewn on it.

I don't want to throw away the tags 'cause they look so nice LOL

Now on to the backpacks! There are two sides. One side is Finn and the other one is Jake. For me, I can't decide which side I like the most because both of the designs look awesome. 

You might be wondering, how the heck do you turn a backpack inside out? Well, I'll show you!

First you release the buckle on the straps.

Then pull the straps from an opening at the bottom of the bag so that you can put the straps to the side you're going to use. Flip the bag inside out, buckle up the straps then, voila! You are now able to reverse your AT backpack. Haha! As simple as that.

From Finn, you now have a Jake backpack. It's just like having two backpacks. People won;t realize that you're using the same bag over and over. Haha!  So that's it for my first Christmas gift! I also got a pair of Doc martens from my aunt but I don't think that's worth blogging lol plus I don't have a decent camera. Anyways, advanced Merry Christmas to you all! God Bless Us, everyone!--Tiny Tim LOL

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