Adventurous Day with Fashion Bloggers

Here's a photodump in my adventurous (inside joke) day with the coolest fashion bloggers in the world!

Li'l miss Wonder Woman and her Superman ;)

Tin, Miko, David and Hez!

Angel and Miko doing the David Guison *purr* pose LOL I think?

LOL at David's face in this photo :))
(L-R) David, Hez, Tin, Aivan, Gerd, Angel, Miko

Party mode while waiting for our turn at EK's new ride, Disc-o-rama! It's because the new EK theme song was playing while the ride was going/spinning/whatever-ing.

Di naman masyadong halata na masaya si Christine!

Aren't they adorable?

Actually, ginawa naming dryer yung Flying Fiesta after naming maligo sa Rio Grande.

David and Miko Instagram-ing our dinner at Leslie's 

This photo did not do justice the deliciousness of this bulalo.

The Adventure Time reversible backpack from Hot Topic was Christine's Christmas gift to David. It wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for *ehem ehem* HAHA (David dapat may pic tayo na magkatabi suot yung bag LOL)

I am ending this post with this epic photo! HAHA this was after riding the Extreme Tower Ride! Sakit sa Angry Birds :))

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  1. OMG GELO SUPER TAWA AKO SA PHOTOS MO! I love your bonding, guys!


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