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Fashion/lifestyle blogger and fellow Benildean, David Guison had a talk last month at our school for Canon Expo. Of course, the talk was about fashion and everything you need to know about blogging. I was the first person to go to the event because I was too excited. Haha!

I learned so much from David's talk. (Wait, let me try to recall because that was a month ago. Haha)

• There is so much to blogging than just taking pictures, uploading and sharing. 
 You have to give your best and put passion in everything. 
 When styling, look for the style that suits you best.
You wouldn't wear something that would make you feel uncomfortable even if you just want to wear it. 
 In photography, invest in a good camera and take time to edit your pictures. 
You shouldn't be too shy to ask another person to take your picture if you don't have a friend with you.
 Take a picture from a low angle because it would make the subject seem taller.

Sadly, I wasn't able to bring a decent camera to the talk so I just used my friend's digital camera. Hence the grainy, low quality pictures. 

If you're a big time blogger, it would be nicer if there is someone who would handle the business for you because you might be too shy to ask for a big payment especially if you're a student. In David's case, a certain brand asked him how much they should pay for a blog post and he said that he'd take a small amount only but that brand wanted to pay him a big amount. Sayang! I also found out that some of his tweets are paid. That made me shy when I heard that from him because he shared and tweeted two of my blog posts before. 

Here's another picture of David sing..err, I mean giving a talk! Haha!

Marketing is also a big factor when it comes to blogging. You should really know how to market yourself especially if you want to be known. He showed examples of people that were/are successful/famous because they marketed themselves really well. 

Yes, that includes the YouTube couple JAMICH. And of course, having a good blog design and layout won't hurt either. I'm sure I missed a lot of the tips he gave but I hope you'll get something from the things I shared!

After the talk, there was this awkward silence where it felt that everyone wanted to take a picture with him but they're just too shy. I was shy too but I insisted and was the first one to take a picture with him. We were (kinda? haha) comfortable since we already met before. After that, everyone went lining up and started taking pictures with him. Hahaha!

Another picture with my favorite blogger ever! I'm such a happy kid. Hahaha! Thanks again David!

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