A Marvelous gift for a Marvelous celebrant!

My friend/sister is going to celebrate her "nth" (it's a secret hahaha) birthday on Friday, January 27. Since I'm a loving brother, I got her a Captain America shirt from Folded and Hung because I know that she wanted that shirt sooo much. I'm proud because I bought it using my own money. I saved it up for her ;)

That's the paper bag. She doesn't want to open it yet 'til her birthday hahaha! Oh and that's Elson creeping at the back.

This is for you ATE Nikki :))) Happy happy birthday! May you have a successful and blissful life. I ♥ youuuu >:D<

A Special Gift for a Special Friend

I haven't blogged in a while because my hard disk crashed. BECAUSE OF ANTS >:( I was very disapponted because I lost all of my precious files. So anyways, I got my good friend Loise Veloso a special gift. I got her a cute little button pin :D

I even made her own personalized gift wrap :))

That's her Loise the Police button pin :)

It's wrapped! :D

Plus a nice little message to top it ;)

Follow her here on blogspot: http://anelectricsheep.blogspot.com
Follw her on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mystelllar

She's an excellent artist and I'm a fan of her works. And she's very gorgeous inside and out ;) A role model to girls. Plus, she loves Adventure Time and other cartoons ♥

Sorry for the bad quality. I only used my phone 'cause I can't find our cam :))

First day of third term

Today's the start of the third term. I'm really nervous because we're not one block anymore. I have to socialize and introduce myself again. I'm not really socially awkward that much, I'm just shy at first. But once you get to know me, you'd wish you didn't know me. HAHAHA! Kidding! I'm crazy around people I'm comfortable with. Before I went to class, I went to McDo with Zed, Nikki and Macey. Since Nikki, Macey and I are classmates in WORLITE (World Literature), we stayed together before class. But alas, our professor didn't show up and it was my first ever free cut in CSB. It was their last class and my next class is not until 4:20. Before the two girls went home, we had a bit of picture-taking :)

My two beautiful friends Nikki and Macey :)

Captain America at your service!

I had so much fun this day! We laughed all the time because we were all "sabaw". Hahaha! MetTathione was a liver medicine :)) JK

And it was so sweet of my beautiful friend Loise Veloso for giving me a surprise hug at the back. Hahaha! I was so kilig :)) JK

That's it for my post. I hope I get to make new friends soon :) And hopefully no enemies.

The Filipino Way of Celebrating New Year's Eve

Here's my New Year's video guys! I hope you all check it out :)

Prepped up for school.

It's going to be a new term on Wednesday. It's the third term now for me at De La Salle - College of St. Benilde and we're now deblocked. I'm going to meet new faces, have new experiences, and lots of new stuff. To prepare for the challenging term, (challenging because I have to put up with a lot of new experiences because I do not know yet how to deal with this term, you know, now that we're deblocked and you don't know who to hang out with or what.) I bought a backpack that can help me survive the upcoming terms for its durability.

And so, I bought a Jansport bag. It's been proven for years for its durability and cool designs. I bought a plain bag from Bratpack.

I chose blue since it's my favorite color.

Well, it's kinda expensive but it's totally worth your money.

What's great about Jansport bags is that they have a lifetime warranty and you can either get your bag fixed or replaced in Travel Club stores such as in Alabang Town Center.

I also love the fit because it's very comfortable.
 If you plan to buy a backpack, make sure that its brand is Jansport
You can buy Jansport bags at any Bratpack store nationwide. Visit them at www.bratpack.ph

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