And now, Quatro Productions presents their first ever short film Tsayms! A short filmed produced just within hours by a group of 4 college students! Constructive criticisms are appreciated :)

Directed by: Tristan Flores
Edited by: Tristan Flores and Gerard Lopez
Starring: Katrina Pascual and Cris Panes
Makeup by: Katrina Pascual
Costume Designer: Cris Panes
Story by: Tristan Flores, Gerard Lopez, Cris Panes, Katrina Pascual
Produced by: Quatro Productions

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'Til our next film! Ciao! :D


Me and my friends decided to make a short film at my house after a photoshoot at Nuvali. All of it was just planned inside our car. And the first genre we thought of was a horror/thriller film. We brainstormed how we're going to do the film and what plot we should make. After a lot of brianstorming, we started shooting. We finished shooting around 3:45 a.m. Our shoot was so creepy that it scared the hell out of us during shooting. 

So the movie is titled Tsayms (Chimes) because it's about a girl who was murdered by her father and at her death, there were chimes beside her. I don't want to spoil the story so you guys have to see it soon.

These are the posters that I edited. Those were shots by my good friend Tristan Flores. He's an awesome person! :D The poster is kinda creepy. I hope the outcome of the vid is creepy too. We have more films coming soon!

By the way, here's the teaser four our very first short film. The full-length trailer will come soon!


Directed by Tristan Flores
Starring: Katrina Pascual, Cris Panes
Edited by Tristan Flores
Opening Scene by Gerard Lopez

February 29, 2012 on YouTube

Welcome, again.

It's been a while since I blogged. I've been really busy with a lot of stuff. So anyways, I posted a new video on my channel. I asked my friends to make a video saying "Welcome to GeloYellow TV" haha and they did. Though some of them took a while to make and send that's why I just posted the vid even though I asked them months ago haha

Huge thanks to Loise Veloso, Tristan Flores, Cris Panes, Vyhr Castro, Nikki Cruz, Macey Mangulabnan, Neil Mutia and my cousin Jessica Claravall.
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