DIY: UK Flag Shirt

A while ago, I was supposed to look for a nice shirt from one of my favorite brands but they seem to run out of stock because their sale just ended. Feeling a little bit down, I felt artsy fartsy (LOL) and decided why that I should make my own shirt instead for fun. So I came up with the UK flag as the design because I think it looks cool. here's how I did it:


• Plain white tee
• Blue and Red textile paint
• A big paintbrush
• A cup of water 
• Newspaper 
• Pencil
• Masking Tape 

STEP 1: Prepare your materials and set them on a table or your floor.

STEP 2: Put the newspaper inside the white shirt so the textile paint doesn't stain the back part of your shirt. Also put newspaper on top of your work place to avoid mess in case you spill one of your paint or whatever accident might occur.

STEP 3: Outline the design on your shirt using a pencil so it would be easier for you which part to paint on. You can look at the design of the flag here.

STEP 4: After drawing your outline, put masking tape outside of the outline so that when you're painting  you'll have a clean look. Or if you want to get a little creative and free, forget the masking tape and just paint along the outlines without worrying of painting outside it because you only live once. LOL! 

STEP 5: After painting, let it dry overnight for best results. After that, iron the shirt to ensure that the paint would stay on the shirt. After ironing, wash the shirt yourself or have someone wash it for you.

That's it! Your own UK Flag (Union Jack, if you prefer) in 5 easy steps. Of course you can get more creative than me and make your own variation. It's cheap and easy and can level with the branded clothes with the same design if you put effort. That is all. Ciao!

Here's what mine turned out to look like. It's messy, yes but it's intentional.

Check Out My Garage

Just bought the June 2012 issue of Garage Magazine. I started buying this magazine last summer with Paulo Avelino on the cover. I immediately loved the magazine because of its contents. It is the perfect magazine for guys who want to look very stylish. Not only that, it also features other stuff like customer feedback, the most happening events, latest movies, how to groom yourself, where to buy clothes and accessories and so much more. Since then, I started looking looked forward to the next issue. So here's what Garage Magazine's offering you this month!

This month, they have Joseph Marco on the cover. Plus, they have two versions of the cover. i personally like this one better. A photoshoot featuring him can be found inside so you have to buy this issue to see it.

I can't wait to start reading this magazine. The styles that I've browsed here are very inspiring. Long live Garage Magazine! :)

One Run. One Family. One La Salle.

Today, I was able to participate in my first ever fun run held by the De La Salle Alumni Association (DLSAA) at the Mall of Asia. We woke up at 3 a.m. to prepare early for the event. But as usual, we cannot avoid Filipino time. Haha! Got a bit late for the event because the traffic was really heavy in Pasay due to this fun run. But we got inside just in time for the run.

I was a bit disappointed when I didn't see much of my Benildean friends. There were so many people! Luckily, after an hour or so, I found familiar faces and friends so I joined them.

The run didn't feel long but I had so much fun even though it was tiring. The host of the event RJ Ledesma said Mike Enriquez was there too. Excuse me po! :)) Too bad I didn't see him.

Me and my sister after the event looking so haggard with forceful (kinda fake) smiles. Haha! Look at my tan line! :( I got tan from swimming somewhere last week. I hope I get back my fair skin in no time. Plus, I should get a haircut!

Check out my supermegafoxyawesomehot outfit HAHAHAHA (yuck!) This is probably one of my ugly pictures. (No, I am not fishing for compliments.) Gelo Negro LOL

After running, we got some swag from La Salle. Haha! It contained a baller band, a button pin, and a certificate for finishing the run.

That's it for my post. I'm looking forward to my next fun run. i didn't know that i would enjoy it that much.

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