David Guison Challenge: Literally hunt down DG MNL

What would you do if it was your fave blogger's last day in school? 

Well, me and my friend Cey Sevilla acted as hunters as we gathered in a corner, waiting for the kill. We were tuned in to the buzzing noise of the elevator as it rose up from the ground. Whenever an elevator light goes up, we never let our guard down. Then the elevator door slowly opened, and there he was, the guy we were going to attack. And as he slowly turns, we threw a spear and it landed right into his heart.

JUST KIDDING! We were just waiting for David. My friend was being so makulit just so she could meet David Guison again and see him for the last time in SDA. No, he's not going to die. Something far, more worse than dying. He's GRADUATING. Hahaha! Kidding! Since it's his last day in SDA, we Cey wanted to hug him and take a picture with him. We even prevented him from taking his course card from the professor LOL sorry David! :(( Of course I wouldn't leave without having a picture with him too! Haha! Here are the photos:

I think I look weird in the photo while David's so fasyown and good-looking. Haha! I tried to look normal but no, I was really feeling sick today. I am not at my best whenever I have colds. Thanks again David for this day! I had fun! And sorry for my friend Cey for being too makulit. Hahaha! By the way, nagma-match yung outift natin! Paskong pasko! HAHA! This might be the best Course Card Distribution ever in my stay in CSB. Check out the other David Guison Challenge here. That is all for this post! See you in blogging events David! I'm flattered that you already know me personally :> haha
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