There are days when writer's block is just inevitable. It's annoying when you want to update your cobweb-infested blog but you just can't think of anything to write about. How do we avoid this dilemma? It's simple. Make your own blogging idea jar! Here's how you can make one:

• Empty glass jar
• Colorful papers
• Small memorabilia
• A bunch of blogworthy ideas

STEP 1: Get any empty glass jar that you have at home. Much better if it can be locked so that the contents inside are secure. Plus, it adds a hippie vibe to it if you're into that kind of stuff.

STEP 2: Get a bunch of colorful construction papers and cut them into smaller pieces. You're free to choose whatever color you like. After that, write down the stuff that you want to blog about. It must be one idea per paper. Once you've finished writing all of the stuff that you wanna blog, fold each paper to make it smaller.

The more ideas you write down, the better!

You're not just limited to papers and a pen. You can also put small things inside that make you remember a certain memory or emotion. Make sure it gives you ideas or inspires you to write about something. There's no limit to how much you can put as long as it fits in your jar.

STEP 3: Now that you've collected all of the stuff that you need, it's time to put them in the jar! So what am I gonna do with it, you ask? All you have to do is to put this jar somewhere safe. Then, when you're going to write a blog post and couldn't think of a topic, just pick a paper from this jar and whatever comes up, that'll be your topic! As easy as that!

Besides that, I also prepared some blogging tips for you. These are just some of the tips I learned from my Blogworthy workshop, a blogging workshop by Arriane Serafico. If you want an in-depth lesson on better blogging, check out her Blogging 101 series HERE.

Make sure that your paragraphs are left-aligned. It would be difficult and too straining for the reader if your texts are center-aligned. Keep 2-3 sentences for each paragraph so as not to bore your readers. Avoid a sea of black!

Making a Facebook page for you or your blog is actually a good way of promoting it online. In this way, you can connect to your readers without having to add a bunch of people on your personal account. Don't be shy or scared to make one just because you think your friends or colleagues will tease you and say you're feeling artista. If you think you have content that's worth sharing, then go!

There's nothing like seeing two awesome people together! Collaborating with other bloggers and creative people packs a mean punch. You know what they say, two heads are better than one.

Another idea for a blog post is that you should make lists about anything you want to write about. Make it as creative and personal as possible. One example is Buzzfeed!

It may sound cheesy but all in all, the key to having an awesome blog is to be you. There's nothing wrong with getting inspired by the top blogs but you don't have to pattern your own blog to theirs. In that way, your own voice will be heard. There's so much more to blog about than just fashion. All it takes is passion and creativity! Do it for the right reasons.


Hey guys! I just want you to know that I'm still alive (lol) and still going to blog. I haven't updated in a few months because I'm really busy in school. Now that I'll be graduating from college in a year, it has been a scary and crazy but fun roller coaster ride. Also, there aren't very many updates with this blog because I want to ensure the quality of each post. I'm currently writing 3 posts to publish hopefully this month. I am also planning to redesign the whole blog with the help of my friend.

Besides blogging, I'm also into a lot of other hobbies such as drawing and making videos. I started making videos on YouTube years ago but it's just this year that I planned to step up my game. Five months ago, I started to try out vlogging/skits and would like to continue with them. I also post short films and will post music videos on my channel. Watch out for the Christmas specials!

Making YouTube videos is also very time-consuming so I try my best to update both my blog and my channel regularly. I'm going to end this post with my videos embedded. I'm pretty sure there's still a long way to go and there's more room for improvement.  I hope you enjoy them! If you miss me(Haha!), I'm updated on my tumblr blog and instagram!

Cravin' for Crave Burger!

Honestly, burgers are one of the reasons why I got fat. Haha! Often times, a cheeseburger from a fast food restaurant wouldn't fill up my tummy if I'm really hungry. If I think I'm still hungry, I'd go for a second one. Very unhealthy, right? But what if burgers can be healthy? In a health-conscious generation, someone will probably come up with an alternative that can make burgers healthy.

It turns out, there's no need for an "alternative" for a healthy burger. It all comes down to the authenticity of the beef and the rest of the ingredients. And that's where Crave Burger comes into picture. Imagine a burger so juicy and tasty without the guilt.

That's what I felt when I tried out Crave Burger. To be honest, I only heard about it when my friend Angel Rodriguez of invited me to try it out and also take photos for her article on

When we arrived at the place, we were met by Mr. Earl Santos, the owner of Crave Burger. By the way, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the Fort branch because Angel and I had a hard time finding it. It's near Starbucks Coffee in Burgos Circle. Anyway, it was nice of Mr. Earl to give us a little background on Crave Burger. This restaurant was kinda like a "hobby" (I forgot the exact term, sorry) to him because this was his way of giving back to the Filipino community. Because of this restaurant, more jobs are provided here.

We first tried out their fries. One thing you'll notice is that there aren't any oil stains. Usually one drop of oil on the paper they use in the trays in fast food chains/restaurants makes a big dot on it. Say goodbye to greasy fingers in Crave Burger!

The fries were just the beginning. We also got to try their BONELESS chicken wings. Huhu! The best chicken wings I've ever tasted! And it's bigger than your average chicken wing minus the preservatives. I was bitin and I wanted more for myself but I was too shy. Haha! You know me, I'm awkward. This is definitely one of the reasons why I'll go back.

Now here's what you've all been craving for! Get it? Crave? No? Ok. Anyway, one bite is all it takes to enjoy their delicious burgers. Just kidding! Their burgers are so delicious that you just couldn't get enough. I sound like a TV ad right now but it really is that good! What sets their burgers apart is that they're healthy. Not only healthy but also fresh because the ingredients are freshly-made and the beef has NO preservatives whatsoever. And they're made to order so freshness and deliciousness is really guaranteed.

To be honest, some of the burgers aren't that big but that is all it takes to fill your stomach. I'm actually surprised that I got full when I've only eaten 1/4 of the actual burger. But of course I just ignored that because I want to try all the burgers. Hahaha! But don't be scared to eat them because it's definitely the food for health junkies and people on a diet. I even saw a guy go inside who looked like he just came from a workout routine. Haha!

For people who think their burgers are still big, they also offer mini ones. Eating only one can already fill your tummy. After all, diet is a matter of portion control.

The restaurant was already featured in a lot of lifestlye shows on TV like this one. Even the boys of Boys Night Out made a makeshift radio station for them. How cool is that?

Here's a picture for comparison of the size!

 Angel, Trice and Seph, if you want this photo taken down, it's fine with me. Hahaha!

A day with good food and good friends will always end up in an awesome one. I tried out Crave Burger with Angel, Trice, Seph and Gerd. We left the place with smiles on our face (and stomach if that's even possible). Heck, as I'm writing this post I was feeling really hungry. All in all, this is one burger place that you should definitely try out for yourself. Make it more fun by bringing along your friends! Eating healthy food goes a long way. Crave Burger definitely inspired me to watch what I eat. Ciao!

While you're at it, check out Crave Burger's facebook page HERE. You can also visit their website at


I was feeling really hungry today so I went to the nearest McDonald's to satisfy my cravings. To my surprise, there were these mock up Happy Meal boxes on the front of the counting machine (I don't know what it's really called haha) and I was like "Why do they have these? They don't even include the boxes anymore when you buy a Happy Meal." in my head. 

If I had not looked  to my right, I wouldn't have seen this huge poster saying THE HAPPY MEAL BOX IS BACK! Of course me being myself, I freaked out and quickly went to the counter just to get the box even though they currently have the toys that were already released before.

I took a 360 degree picture of the box for your viewing pleasure! Honestly, I'm a sucker for good packaging. I'd buy almost anything that's in a brilliantly designed packaging and the Happy Meal box is no exception. I really love how minimal it is but still striking and very classic. Of course it's not always this way whenever there's a movie tie-in with the toys but I love that as well.

I was really excited to get my hands on this because I've been envying the U.S. for years now for continuing the use of the box. I've been wishing they'd bring it back here in the Philippines for years and now my wish has come true! 

When I first held the box, I noticed that it was rather small. And then I realized, it was always that big through the years. I just grew up. (Awww sad! Lol)

I noticed a slight change though. There used to be panels on the arches that lock them together.

Here's a breakdown of what's usually included in a Happy Meal.

Here's your average Happy Meal toy. It's usually themed, like this one. I really miss the classic McDonald's gang toys. I hope they bring them back more often. Anyways, they're going to release The Smurfs 2 Happy Meal toys on Wednesday. Yay!

And that is pretty much it for my insight on this classic packaging that a true 90s kid would recognize. I'm looking forward to a museum of Happy Meal toys put up by me. Lol! Ciao!

Note: McDonald's Binan and Sta. Rosa, Laguna (Waltermart and Bel Air branch) have the boxes but I'm not sure where else it is available. Not all McDonald's branches have it yet but there's a possibility that it'll go nationwide soon because I think they're still testing the market in some areas.


How and when did you start blogging?
I started to really get into blogging around 2010-2011 when I thought of documenting my style so I can look back to it in the future.

What are your hobbies besides blogging?
I am also into graphic design.

How did blogging change your life?
I have met a lot of new friends through it and it has opened a few doors for me.

Who are your style inspirations?
Alexa Chung, Leandra Medine, Miranda Kerr, Olivia Palermo. There's too many to mention actually!

What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion is a form of art.

What makes you stand out from other bloggers?
I also post travel photos and would love to post design related things in the future.

How do you describe your style?
I can't really say. I like to change things up and don't like to stick with just one style.

When do you say that people are fashion forward?
When they can carry what they are wearing, be it thrifted or branded.

How do you think did your blog audience grow? 
I just posted whatever I like and what I think people would be interested in.

Do you sometimes get pressured on posting new stuff from time to time because of people's expectations?
Yes, sometimes. Most of the time I post at my own pace though because I still am a busy student.

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Hey guys! Welcome to my first blog giveaway! I'm really excited to launch this because it's my first time to do something like this. And it all became possible thanks to Breaking Couture! So anyway, Breaking Couture is an online shop that sell turban headwraps, accessories, iPhone cases, cropped tops AND cakepops! (Mmm..I love cakepops!) Cool, right? Now YOU have the chance to take home one of their items! Just follow the mechanics below:


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Juan Dela Cruz
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