Blogger in Focus: Miko Carreon

How and when did you start blogging?
I started blogging in 2010 more about photography and lifestyle but I've been uploading looks on that year along with my friend Mikyle Quizon. 

What are your hobbies besides blogging?
My hobbies besides blogging are dancing, photography, sketching and singing (in the bathroom) Haha!

How did blogging change your life? 
Blogging opened many doors for me and opportunities that I never thought would've happened.

Who are your style inspirations?
My style inspirations are Ryan Gosling, Peter Adrian and nowadays, Koreans because they're so effortless when they groom themselves.

What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion is an expression by the means of clothes. You know what they say, you are what you wear. Fashion is an artistic expression in the form of clothing but fashion is not only the clothes but the branches it branched out to make the fashion industry big. In short, it's a wide expression of art through clothes. 

What makes you unique from other bloggers?
I think what makes me unique from other bloggers is that I really don't have that exact style. As much as I can, I want to try out different styles and see how it works for me.

How do you describe your style?
As I said in the previous question, I really try to do different styles but the style that mostly works for me (and according to my friends) is when I groom myself  in the mix of preppy/grungy/ sporty.

When do you say that people are fashion forward?
Everyone's fashion forward for me because everyone has style even if others won't see it. Like what I said, fashion is an expression so it doesn't matter if you wear a basic shirt and shorts combo as long as you express yourself through fashion, you are fashion forward.

How did your blog audience grow? What did you do to make people read your material?
I actually don't know how. Maybe the shameless plugging and promotion of myself did the work. Hahaha!

Do you sometimes get pressured on posting new stuff from time to time because of people's expectations? Or do you just post at your own pace?
I really don't get pressured because my blog started as a personal blog so I really don't care what others will say about what I wear. Judgers gonna judge. Lol!

You can check out Miko's blog at:

Plaid You Came

High five for my word play on "Glad you came''! Lol I wore this outfit the other day to a shoot for our project. Since the shoot will be at The Collective, I felt a little extra stylish.

I feel like black chinos would look better with the plaid button-down but since my wardrobe is limited, I wore my light brown chinos and my again my Dr. Martens. But I think the light brown pants could work too. What do you think?

Plaid Button down TOPMAN

Photos by Zedrik Tandoc

Love, Camera, Action with Ramon Bautista

Sino si Ramon Bautista? Yung POGI!

If you don't know Ramon Bautista, you must be living under a rock. Just in case you don't know Ramon Bautista, he is a Filipino actor, commercial model ,filmmaker, radio DJ and also a professor. He became an internet sensation when he started making films with RA Rivera, which quickly gained fans and followers.  

To some, he's become a "shoulder to cry on" when they have problems or questions about love. Just on time for Valentine's, he was invited to our school for a talk which was called Love, Camera, Action with Mr. Ramon Bautista.

He talked about love and why some relationships don't last. I actually understood and learned a lot about love from him. I also like the scientific explanation of people's affection towards each other. And since we're talking about love, it wouldn't be impossible if he also discussed sex.

 All I can say is his talk was really entertaining and had me in stitches! I was laughing almost throughout the talk. If he's funny online, he's even funnier in person! The people in the venue roared with laughter every time he cracks a joke. Even though his talk was funny, it was very informative and inspiring.

Besides talking about love, he also showcased what he loved which is film making. He showed videos creative and funny at the same time. He even spilled a secret in his Nescafe commercial but I won't tell you that so check it out on YouTube and observe! Haha!

I liked how Mr. Ramon made the talk interactive and in return, the audience participated a lot.

Sir Ramon Bautista tricked these boys into doing something silly in front of the whole audience! Haha!

Mr. Ramon doing the ":))" emoticon.

There was an open forum after the talk. In this picture, he's doing the hardcore pumping action. LOL!

There was a photo op after the open forum! He even signed my copy of his book, "Bakit hindi ka crush ng crush mo?". Sinong mas pogi sa amin? Haha!

Ramon Bautista's "Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo?" book is available in bookstores nationwide! You should definitely check it out and buy it because you'll learn a lot about love, such as moving on, having a long distance relationship, being in the "friendzone" and many more.

Visit Ramon Bautista's blog:

Follow him on twitter:

Street Style: Valentine's Day Edition

Here are some of the stylish Benildeans that dressed up on Valentine's day! Since it's hearts day, there's a hint of red in some, if not all outfits. 

GRAPHIKA MANILA 2013 Part 2 of 2

And now here's Part 2 of my Graphika Manila experience. There was a raffle after the talk and the prizes were really cool.

There was supposed to be a Q&A after the show but they ran out of time so they just continued with the photo op. It was really nice meeting some of them! I wished there were more time so I could meet them all. I really wanted a picture with all of them. Below are pictures of me with some of the speakers:

This is me getting really excited while Jessica Walsh was signing my GM book! Haha!

Finally a photo op with her! Too bad the picture is out of focus which disappointed me a bit because I might never see her again. She's just lovely. I mentioned in my first post that something about her made me love her even more. Wanna know why? It's because I saw in my friend's Instagram post that she stayed in the venue until everyone had the chance to get her autograph and have a picture taken with her. 

She's so nice and humble! And the fact that she even went down the stage so everyone could easily line up is just really touching. She made me (and probably everyone else) feel comfortable around her. I just love how down-to-Earth she is for someone of her status. By the way, we have matching glasses! LOL

Photo op wih Koto and Shin of Devilrobots! That's my friend Tim at the far right.

With Armand Serrano of Sony Pictures Animation and Ryan Honey of Buck.

Of course, included in the event is the Graphika Manila kit. Below are the cool stuff that's included in the kit.

The kit wouldn't be complete without the GM book. It has really nice illustrations and other inspirations inside that will surely keep you inspired and motivated.

The Graphika Manila experience wouldn't be complete if you didn't get the speakers' autograph!

I'm also happy they included an issue of Status Magazine. And it has Maroon 5 on the cover! It's my very first issue and I might buy current issues from now on. 

I'm a proud friend because my friend Mariel submitted an artwork for the Graphika Manila book and it got chosen. This is not the first time, by the way!  I even asked her to sign her artwork. Check out her art blog here:

There were really cool stickers inside too!

It made me happier because they brought back the delegate pass! For me, they should include this every year because I feel legit wearing it (lol) and it makes the event more formal.

What made me love the kit even more is that they included doodle books! This year's event kit is my most favorite.

There were also print ads of event partners and sponsors.

And that's it for the second part! Now that you've got the full Graphika Manila experience for this year, I hope this got you hyped up for next year's event. I cannot wait for Graphika Manila 2014! I hope to see you there!

Click HERE for the first part of this post!

GRAPHIKA MANILA 2013 - Part 1 of 2

Last Sunday, I went to Graphika Manila's event this year and surely, this is one event you shouldn't miss. I've been going to Graphika Manila for the past two years and this year, they really took it up a notch. For those of you who aren't aware what Graphika Manila is, it is the premiere multimedia and graphic design event in the Philippines.

It is aimed at bringing to the community a sharing of ideas, inspirations and insights on the creative aspect of design. Graphika Manila brings together creative minds to listen to inspiring stories and celebrate the works of the best multimedia & graphic designers from the Philippines and from around the world.

I went to the event with some of my friends. This year's event was a first to most of them and they did not regret going. This year's Graphika was held at the PICC Plenary Hall. It's a bigger venue than last year's and it was really jam-packed because the place was filled up to the balcony of the Plenary Hall. 

The only down side to this though is that there are too many people so it took a lot of time to enter the venue which resulted to cutting off some minutes of the talk and rushing some parts of the event. But it was still enjoyable, nonetheless. The long wait was worth it!

The event was hosted by Sarah Meier and Margaux Sue. Sarah was a nice addition to the host. I loved how they introduced the speakers and the way they speak. Haha!

James White of Signalnoise was the first one to talk. He really set the mood for the whole event. His talk was really inspiring and there was never a dull moment. James White is a visual artist, designer, speaker, and the one-man crew behind the Signalnoise studio in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.

I learned that you should always keep your unwanted files because you'll never know when you'll be able to use them in the future. One time he was asked by his friend to make a poster for something which was needed the next day. Luckily, there was an experimental illustration in his files which he worked on a long time ago and used it for that which surprised his friend by how "fast" he did his work. Haha! 

We should also learn to use the social media in an appropriate way and that we should choose wisely the accounts that we're gonna sign up for. He's one of my favorites in the set of speakers!

Next to talk was Devilrobots, represented by Koto & Shin.

Devilrobots is a five-men design team established in 1997 and based in Tokyo. Their main works are graphics, character designs, audio-visual, web designs, toys, CD jackets, clothing and more! I really liked their talk too because I find their presentation really cute because of their style in illustrating.

Their office looks really awesome!

Devilrobots collaborated with Graphika Manila for a shirt design. Supah cool guy! 

My face lit up when they showed their collaboration with Disney!

I was really amazed by their talent when they did this on the spot! From a single bear illustration, they were able to make 6 different versions by just alternating it a bit and it was done in minutes!

They also worked on a Naru-tofu illustration. The trick was copying and pasting illustrations simultaneously. I loved their work as well.

After Devilrobots, it was Sony Pictures Animation's turn to take the stage. And it was represented by kababayan (lol), Armand Serrano!  He's a visual development artist there.

He showed a really short clip for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 which got me really stoked for this film! Those strawberry creatures are so cute!

He showed some really cool visual development art from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and Hotel Transylvania. Some of his art gets to be in the film but some don't so the key is persistence. He also worked for Walt Disney Animation before and named the snow cone vendor in Lilo and Stitch after his son's name. How cool is that? And he also included a parol (an iconic Filipino Christmas decoration) in one of Lilo and Stitch's episodes. 

I also found out that it took 10 years for Hotel Transylvania to be fully developed. It went under different directors and stories. Pretty crazy for an animated film! (But I think this is normal, especially for animated Disney films) But it paid off because Hotel Transylvania was a hit!

It was Ryan Honey's turn to take the stage after Sony Pictures Animation. He runs a design-driven production company called Buck and they've got lots of really cool stuff to show off!

He worked on commercials such as Keebler cookies and V8 V-Fusion. He also collaborated with Sundance Film Festival which had very funny and entertaining videos. The video editing skills were really great and innovative. I enjoyed most the two muppets for Sundance. Check out his stuff so you'll understand what I'm talking about. 

Next up was Jessica Walsh! She's a designer, art director, professor and partner at Sagmeister & Walsh in New York. I consider her my most favorite speaker because of her amazing personality and very inspiring presentation/talk. I almost teared up at how awesome she is. I just love her and her dedication to her profession.

These are some of the inspiring quotes that she shared with us. I learned that we should treat work like play and we would never have to work for the rest of our lives. Her rule was to "play" while working and the money will soon come after. There's something about her that made me love her even more. You'll find out about that in my second post!

She worked on a lot of amazing typography campaigns. See more of her work at her website here

It was Pixomondo's turn after Jessica. The company was represented by Benjamin Seide. Pixelmondo worked on the visual effects on popular and big budget films and TV shows such as Game of Thrones, Hugo, Sucker Punch, Super 8, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, Iron Man 2 and many more.

He showcased the visual effects process on some movies and shows and I find them really cool because all of them looked so realistic that I thought they were really on set. It turns out, a lot of things are added in post-process such as the train and train station in Hugo and some castles in Game of Thrones.

He also talked about the stereoscopic 3D process which got me all giddy. I love 3D! It's a crazier process if it's a 3D movie because you're working with two eyes to get the 3D effect which means longer rendering time. I can't explain it here that much. It's just that complicated.

He ended his talk by showing a trailer for Star Trek: Into Darkness which got everyone hyped up.

And the last speaker but not the least, Benja Harney of Paperform. He is from Australia and he worked on paper crafts and pop-up books for big brands and personalities.  

He worked for brands such as Hermes and celebrities like Kylie Minogue. Personally, I will never have the patience in doing what he does. I really admire him for dedication with his work and how much he loves it. 

And that concludes the first part of my Graphika Manila experience. Click HERE for Part 2!

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