Food Review: Peanut Butter Company

Last week, I went to Ateneo with a bunch of friends to watch a play called King of the Birds. It was really difficult to commute there coming from Taft/Vito Cruz so we got hungry when we arrived. We looked for a nice place to eat and came across this restaurant called Peanut Butter Company.

Some of you might be familiar already with this restaurant but I'm not. We found this place at a mall across Ateneo (just like University Mall in Taft). Just take the overpass to get to the other side.

When I saw their menu, I was kind of surprised because I expected lots of peanut butter-related food. Instead, there were burgers, spaghetti and many more. It's kind of pricey too if it was your first time and if you're on a tight budget. But when I tried it, it's definitely worth your money. 

I tried out their Philly Cheese burger which costed 185 pesos. It contained cheese, bell pepper, some other condiments,  beef patty (of course), and...guess what? PEANUT BUTTER! At first it sounded weird. But then I took a bite, and I suddenly couldn't help myself but finish the burger. Haha! It was really delicious. What made it more delicious is the peanut butter at the bottom of the burger.

My friend tried out the PB Burger and I heard she liked it a lot. By the way, you can add bacon to your burger if you want. Mmm...bacon! LOL

Their burgers, for me, is best paired with a cup of iced tea! 

I took the time to be vain while enjoying my food. Haha! Their place has a nice ambiance by the way! And it feels like you're in those vintage diners too, only modern.

I'm not sure where their other branches are. So just in case you plan to go to Ateneo and wanna eat somewhere, I suggest you try out Peanut Butter and Company! Great food and great value for your money. Plus bring along your friends to make the experience more fun! And that's it for my first food review. There might be more of this soon so watch out!

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