Love, Camera, Action with Ramon Bautista

Sino si Ramon Bautista? Yung POGI!

If you don't know Ramon Bautista, you must be living under a rock. Just in case you don't know Ramon Bautista, he is a Filipino actor, commercial model ,filmmaker, radio DJ and also a professor. He became an internet sensation when he started making films with RA Rivera, which quickly gained fans and followers.  

To some, he's become a "shoulder to cry on" when they have problems or questions about love. Just on time for Valentine's, he was invited to our school for a talk which was called Love, Camera, Action with Mr. Ramon Bautista.

He talked about love and why some relationships don't last. I actually understood and learned a lot about love from him. I also like the scientific explanation of people's affection towards each other. And since we're talking about love, it wouldn't be impossible if he also discussed sex.

 All I can say is his talk was really entertaining and had me in stitches! I was laughing almost throughout the talk. If he's funny online, he's even funnier in person! The people in the venue roared with laughter every time he cracks a joke. Even though his talk was funny, it was very informative and inspiring.

Besides talking about love, he also showcased what he loved which is film making. He showed videos creative and funny at the same time. He even spilled a secret in his Nescafe commercial but I won't tell you that so check it out on YouTube and observe! Haha!

I liked how Mr. Ramon made the talk interactive and in return, the audience participated a lot.

Sir Ramon Bautista tricked these boys into doing something silly in front of the whole audience! Haha!

Mr. Ramon doing the ":))" emoticon.

There was an open forum after the talk. In this picture, he's doing the hardcore pumping action. LOL!

There was a photo op after the open forum! He even signed my copy of his book, "Bakit hindi ka crush ng crush mo?". Sinong mas pogi sa amin? Haha!

Ramon Bautista's "Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo?" book is available in bookstores nationwide! You should definitely check it out and buy it because you'll learn a lot about love, such as moving on, having a long distance relationship, being in the "friendzone" and many more.

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