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After two weeks of doing stressful but fulfilling midterm projects, I'm finally back to blogging! For this post, I'm proud to show you our magazine which served as our midterm exam/project for our DESKPUB subject. Me and my friends Mariel Empit and Angelica Regala worked so hard on this magazine. The sleepless nights really paid off when we saw the final output. I'm glad to have motivated, creative and passionate friends that would give everything for art.

This magazine really pushed me to have higher standards in doing my work. In a span of two weeks, we were able to finish a whole magazine with self-taught knowledge on Adobe InDesign because our professor didn't go to class for three weeks straight. Now, who said LaSallians are spoon fed? Crazy!

Like my friend said, the further I go into this art thing, the more I realize that the key to success is much more a matter of taste than skill/talent. But enough of that blabbering! Check out the magazine below in all its glory! I'm so proud of my baby! (Haha!)

Special thanks to Mads for being our model! You don't know how grateful we are to you!

My friends Angelica and Mariel with the mag. We literally cried when we finished it and saw the printed version. It felt like we just gave birth. Imagine making our own full magazine!

We uploaded the magazine online for the world to see so our efforts wouldn't be wasted. Check out the whole magazine below! Please tell me what you think! I would appreciate it a lot. Put it in the comments below. Oh and special thanks to the the people we featured here! 

Thanks to the fashion bloggers Miko Carreon, Ryan Santiago, Phyllis Ngo and Melissa Gatchalian. Thank you also to the artists, Veronica Chua, Patrica Mapili, Patmai de Vera, Lee Caces and Steph Ng! Thank you also to the featured photographers Yla Corotan and Joaquin TalanYou all deserve boxes of those expensive donuts and cupcakes that people line up for. 


  1. awesome!! :))


  2. I love your design and photos!


  3. Oh it looks so cool! Congrats for this amazing project!! :)



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