Blogger in Focus: Ryan Santiago

How and when did you start blogging?
Blogging was actually out of my plan. Never in a million years did I imagine myself putting up a blog. It was actually my friend Dani Barretto, top blogger now who convinced me to start blogging. She actually noticed that I'm a huge fashion follower and I should start inspiring other people. 

What are your hobbies besides blogging?
I'm actually a really dull person. I have no sports, no hobbies, no nothing. The only thing I do is talk and talk and tell my friends jokes and basically be the clown of the barkada. But of course, I'm open with joining sports or whatever as long as I have someone with me. 

How did blogging change your life?
Blogging changed my life 100%. People think that all bloggers care about is fame and money and free stuff but what they don't know is that there's something deeper. Well for me, I want to help people who's not confident enough to be proud of themselves. They could be whoever they want to be with clothes. Nothing or no one should hold them back. Fashion is freedom. It's not about what will free us. It's about what will benefit the readers. 

Who are your style inspirations?
This is easy. LADY GAGA!

What does fashion mean to you?
For me, fashion is a lifestyle. It's not true that there are people who don't have style. Everyone has style. they may not have GREAT style but they still have style. There's a reason why you chose that top or that bottom whenever going out. Fashion is life. It was with you the time you were born. Those hospital gowns? 1 word. FASH! ;)

What makes you unique from other bloggers?
To be honest, I really don't know. I just wear whatever I feel like wearing. I'm just me. I'm not plastic. I'm not "feeling sikat", I don't belittle people. I'm normal. I'm just like my readers. No hierarchy. 

How do you describe your style?
My style is more on the COMFORT side. What i would like to change is the view of people that when you're wearing something comfy, you're not fashionable. FALSE! You could be fashionable is the most comfortable short or shoes or pants. You just have to learn proper styling.

When do you say that people are fashion forward?
How do you a say a person is fashion forward? Well, that's simple. Look at the people around you. When they stare at a person, the person he or she is staring at is FASH!

How did your blog audience grow? What did you do to make people read your material?
I actually blog everyday. Or at least 4-5 times a week. i just give people something unique to read about. And of course, I love my readers. Don't care if they're only 5 or 50 or 500. I love each and every single one.

Do you sometimes get pressured on posting new stuff from time to time because of people's expectations? Or do you just post at your own pace?
I post for the readers. not for myself. i don't want them to be not entertained so I try to make every blog post as readable as possible. 

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