It's summer here in the Philippines but despite the scorching hot temperature, I wouldn't say no to a day full of art, culture, music and food. That would be so cool! (oh the irony!) So to satisfy my thirst for art, I went with a bunch of friends at an event at Heima called Design Discussions 4. 

But fate was cruel for us that time because we weren't allowed to enter the event for we did not register online. Was it a misinformation? Not really. But a mix of finals week and sleepless nights resulted to not paying attention to small details. I thought we we can buy tickets at the door but it was only if you were able to register ahead of time, which I missed when I was reading their blog. Me and my friend were at the verge of giving up but alas, a speck of hope (a.k.a Mr. Bong Rojales) told us that we can already enter the event for the reason I forgot but was really thankful for.

We were just in time for speakers like IdKids, Kape Maria and The Manila Review. We were kind of awkward so we were able to take seats when it was Marie Jamora's turn to talk! I loved her talk because I'm also a film enthusiast. In case you've been living under a rock, she is the director of the indie film What Isn't There/Ang Nawawala. To be honest, I haven't seen the film which is a big disappointment on my side because I've been dying to see that film. It was even shown at DLS-CSB which is where I'm currently studying right now, but I didn't have the time to see it. 

It's the first time I saw her personally and I find her really amazing. Plus I also love her personality 'cause she's so bubbly. Haha! I learned so much from her talk. I realized that creating a really good film takes a lot of time and effort plus a good team to work with you throughout the process. If I had a copy of her presentation, I'd read it every single day for inspiration and hope one day I'll be able to make a good film as hers.

I also loved Isabel Gatuslao's talk. She is a graphic designer from Bacolod and have already designed logos for brands like National Bookstore, SoFA, Medicard and many more. I really like her style when it comes to designing logos because she can go crazy with it but still making it beautiful and classy. And that my folks, is the beauty of minimalism  That is one of the things that I'd like to do in the future. What made the talk more interesting is her sense of humor. You can check out her website HERE

After the discussion, we were led outside to a bbq party filled with good food, good company and good local music. The Brixton BBQ Party was presented by Heima, Co.Lab, Status Magazine, and Keds Philippines. There were live performances by No Rome, Similar Objects, Major Chie, IdKids, CoExist, Zomtendo, SkyMarines, I Press Play and Nativity.

Heima's interior is filled with artsy stuff, creative furniture and vintage things like vinyl players.

I went to the event with my friends Mariel, Angelica and Abby. I think we looked haggard that day because the weather's really hot and we had to drive from Taft to Pasig. My friend Mariel is an intern at Wanderrgirl and Angelica and Abby are interns for Heima so they're already familiar with the place. I know the place too but it's just my first time there since I'm from the South. I must say I'm really loving the vibe in the Northern part of Manila.

My fellow Benildean, Ethan Namoch played with his band called CoExist.

I ended the day feeling cultured and artsy. I'm looking forward to more events like this in the future. Kudos to the Heima team and everybody else that made this event possible!

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  1. omg this is super cooool!!! I didnt know there was an event like this D:


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