Here's day 2 of my Blogworthy blogging workshop and it is just as awesome as Day 1! This time, we were taught on how we can maximize our capabilities in making a blog post by creating original and blogworthy content.

Once again, it was held at the beautiful Ayala Museum.

Huge thanks to Fully Booked for the free book! I'm a bookworm myself so imagine how much happiness this brought me. Haha! It also came with awesome bookmarks and an adorable message from Lucy! And thanks to Punchdrunk Panda for the button pin!

On the second day, we were taught on getting technical with our blog, on using social media effectively for marketing and on pitching stuff for your blog. I learned a lot of stuff and they're too many to include here on my blog so I'm leaving some below!

• Be sure to use a readable font.
• Correct spelling and grammar is very important!
• Don't feel embarrassed using social media effectively to promote your blog and content.
• Try promoting your blog in the morning and in the evening.
• Tweet awesomely!
• Be patient! Continue making quality content and it'll get somewhere soon!
• Collaborate with awesome people! 
• Interview interesting people!

My fabulous Blogworthy classmates! Lol!

We also had a one-on-one consultation with Arriane Serafico and she helped us with a lot of stuff with our blog and its contents. She also constructively criticized my blog and helped me make it 10x much more awesome. What an honor!

Photo op with THE Wanderrgirl, Arriane Serafico! KPop vibes! Haha!
We got to take home a certificate from the workshop for bragging rights! Lol! Hashtag, awesome!


Different sizes are available for this wallpaper (e.g. iPhone/iPod). You can download all of it HERE.

Different sizes are available for this wallpaper (e.g. iPhone/iPod). You can download all of it HERE.

For more blogging tips, you can check out Arriane's Better Blogging 101 HERE.

As cheesy as it sounds, in the end, only you can make your blog better by just being yourself. Post whatever you want and make it creative! For Day 1 of my Blogworthy workshop, you can find it HERE.


I really love to blog and I hope I'd get really nice opportunities for me through this. And since I want to give my all and make it 10x more awesome, I applied for a workshop called Blogworthy!

BLOGWORTHY is a creative blogging workshop that helps creative individuals develop quality, unique blog content that beams bright with their personal brand. It is a workshop developed by Arriane Serafico and has been around for two years now. For me, Blogworthy is not just a workshop, but is also a way of life (chos). 

This workshop aims to inspire bloggers to go beyond the bare minimum. Ask this yourself. From all the millions of blogs around the world, why would people want to spend a minute on your blog? That means you have to put in the extra effort and give your best! Don't be one of those generic blogs that copy pastes press releases and what not. Just be yourself and show what you can do through blogging.

Arriane Serafico (double r, single n!) is a government employee and blogs about youth, creativity, empowerment and changemaking. Her blog is one of my favorites because I love her passion for art and her will to make the Philippines a better place, one step at a time through design and art. It's her mission to channel creativity as a tool for nation-building, and to empower other young people to do the same. How awesome is that?!

The workshop was held for the first time at the Ayala Museum! Hashtag awesome!

We also got goodie bags when we got inside. They're to die for!

Cass was originally my partner for the day. And my first friend there too! But because the class was seated differently, it was too hard to get up and transfer chairs for some so we had to choose the person beside us as our partner. But I got an equally awesome partner, Mikee!

What I learned in this workshop: 
 I promise to give my best when it comes to blogging and put in the effort before hitting publish. 
• It's nice to be known for what you're good at but don't blog just because you want to become famous.
 Do it for the right reasons. 
• It will not be about me, but what I want to share to the world. 

We had this post-it related activity where we got to interview our partner and know more about them. We got to ask our partners why they started blogging and how they want to use it for their chosen field. My partner Mikee gave inspiring answers and I really like how she's into fashion, which was her reason why she started a clothing business. Who knows, she might be the next top designer from the Philippines!

Arriane Serafico on planning your blog as a whole by using post-its! I'm gonna do this from now on.

We had a lunch break after with my Blogworthy classmates! I was with Cass, Gillian, Mikee, Natalia, Pam and Kai. It's funny 'cause I'm the only one from LaSalle because most of them are from Ateneo and UA&P. But it's really fun being around them! And they're super nice and friendly.

We were tasked to take a picture of our lunch and make it unique. For my picture, I focused on how the pizza was made so I did some macro shots and a detailed, close up look.

After lunch, we listened to the guest speakers from Loud Basstard and probably inspired not only me but also my Blogworthy classmates about putting up a business. Mr. Raymund talked about how Loud Basstard is made and how it helps our less fortunate Filipinos make a living. 

If I'm not mistaken, he or his family runs/owns the Villa Soccoro Farm which is famous for their delicious banana chips and other Filipino delicacies. We even got a free sample! If ever there's a mistake in the information, please comment below because I lost my notes when I got home after the workshop. Haha!

Loud Basstard is a 100% Filipino product that for me, it has a worldwide appeal to it. In fact, it is already being sold abroad! These are made from bamboo in Cebu so it's not only 100% Filipino, but is also 100% eco-friendly! And it uses no electricity, cables or wires. That's 1 point for mother nature. Haha! The Loud Basstard is simply an amplifier for your smart phones. Simply put your phone in the slot and enjoy music by yourself, either with a partner or a group of friends. 

With every purchase, you do not only make yourself happy, but the magsasakas (rice tillers) as well! And what's great about these amplifiers is that no matter how minimal it is, it's very classy. It can also function as a furniture or accent to your home, office or desk.

We were asked to make a concept on how to make Loud Basstard better by giving our own personal touch. It was no joke developing a concept under 10 minutes. In the end, this guy won and got himself a free Loud Basstard. What a lucky bastard! Lol!

After the talk with the entrepreneurs, we had a little photo shoot outside. We were tasked to make a creative profile picture of our partner. After that, we had basic Photoshop lessons with Arriane and Maine Manalansan, which we used on the photos.

My first ever Moleskine thanks to Fully Booked. I also got these really cute bottle cap accessories from Hodge Podge!

And that's it for day 1 of my Blogworthy workshop. This has really inspired me to go beyond the bare minimum and I'm never going back! Day 2 starts tomorrow and I'm really excited for the things ahead.

If you want to join next year's Blogworthy workshop, be sure to check out and FOLLOW Arriane Serafico on Twitter!


Just a really quick and simple outfit post! I'm back to school again, college actually but you get my point. I can't believe I'm already in my third year. It seems like yesterday when I first entered this school *cue dramatic music* So anyway, I'm really nervous but excited for this term because I'm now taking up my majors such as 3D and 2D Animation, Video Production, Web Development, Autocad and Concept Photography! 

But enough of that blabbering. Here's what I wore on the first day. Not that you guys care what I'm wearing. Lol! I didn't really dress up because weather is really hot. But since my blogger friend Gerd is my classmate every Monday, it would probably push me to wear something nice so we could take outfit shots. What would make me dress up real well is if I have nicer clothes, if I'm at a party, if I'm in a cold place and if I'm fit.

I wore this for the first time in my outfit post so yay! This is a new pair that I got from the U.S. but sadly, it got wet when I wore it at Rio Grande when I went to Enchanted Kingdom with fashion bloggers.


I guess this will be the most challenging year of college. I'm kind of nervous for my future though since I'm really confused where to go after I graduate. But I want to do so much things! I do hope blogging would open opportunities for me. But I guess the future depends on what I do today. So what are your plans for the future? Any dreams you might want to share? Put that in the comments below! :)

Photos taken by GERD PEREZ


It's really hot here in the Philippines since it's summer. And since it's summer, it is advisable to wear lesser clothes as much as possible. My style as of now is really casual but I'm still trying to find the right style that would suit me well. And I'll probably find that if ever I lose a lot of weight. Anyways, I decided to do a bit of layering with a printed shirt, but not too much, for instant style. If you easily sweat (or fat) like me, I suggest sticking to this simple outfit. I wore this to the launch of Make Your Own Havaianas 2013.

I wore my very first pair of 501s from Levi's. I'm liking them a lot especially the button fly. Levi's is the brand  of jeans that I trust the most and where I'd definitely buy because of their long-lasting material and style.

I decided to wear Greater Good Apparel because I'd like to wear something Filipino most of the time if not everyday. I'm also supportive to Filipino brands that have outstanding designs and I'm proud I chose Greater Good.

It's the first time I used a backpack as an accessory for my look. Thanks to my uncle for this Adventure Time reversible backpack from Hot Topic!


Photos by GERD PEREZ

Make Your Own Havaianas 2013 Launch

It's that time of the year again where you put on those flip flops for that perfect summer getaway! And what better way to enjoy the beach than to wear your favorite Havainas pair. Just in time for summer, Havaianas is having another Make Your Own Havaianas this year featuring a special collaboration with Filipino designer Dan Matutina.

To be honest, this is the first time that I've heard pf this event which is weird because I've been buying (my parents, to be exact) flip flops from them since I was in high school. Special thanks to Angel Rodriguez for the additional invite! I'm really grateful for this opportunity. Check out her write up here:

We were led to a blacklight room when we first entered the venue. Super cool!

Can you guess how many pieces there are in this Havaianas balloon?

A variety of Havaianas flip flops are up for grabs!

Mix and match flip flops base and straps with this wheel!

Foods were up for grabs for the hungry ones such as cupcakes by Sonja. Best cupcakes ever!

The event was hosted by Vince Golangco and Joyce Pring.

DJ Callum David was there to set the mood for the night!

An example of a lovely couple, Angel Rodriguez and Gerd Perez

A toast was given to Filipino designer Dan Matutina for his collaboration with Havaianas. Gotta love his design! I got a pair at the event because I love his design and he is one of my favorite Filipino designers.

Since the event is called Make Your Own Havaianas, you get to customize your own pair starting from the base to the straps. You can even put pins on them as much as you want.

Blogger couple Dani Barretto and Mikyle Quizon!

Brent Javier in the house! Gotta love his cap

Mikyle and Dani being interviewed!

Singer/Actor Jacob Benedicto with girlfriend Raiza Poquiz being interviewed by Joyce Pring about their experience in MYOH.

Paul and Angel being interviewed about the event.

Paul the PR Guy's Superman-inspired Havaianas flip flops!

Looks like someone's not happy having the same Havaianas pair with another person :)) Because Dan Matutina's design is really awesome, of course everybody would love to get one, just like the case between Vergil Chua and Angel.

My first picture with Angel!

This is torture. They should give these away too! Lol!

I also made a short video. Check it out below!

That's it for my blog post on the Make Your Own Havaianas Launch. I'll show you what I got on a separate post! You can be part of MYOH 2013 too! From May 2-5, head on to the Rockwell Tent and let your creativity shine! This event is also ongoing in Laoag, Subic, Batangas, Naga, Cebu, Bacolod, Boracay, CDO and Davao.

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