Just a really quick and simple outfit post! I'm back to school again, college actually but you get my point. I can't believe I'm already in my third year. It seems like yesterday when I first entered this school *cue dramatic music* So anyway, I'm really nervous but excited for this term because I'm now taking up my majors such as 3D and 2D Animation, Video Production, Web Development, Autocad and Concept Photography! 

But enough of that blabbering. Here's what I wore on the first day. Not that you guys care what I'm wearing. Lol! I didn't really dress up because weather is really hot. But since my blogger friend Gerd is my classmate every Monday, it would probably push me to wear something nice so we could take outfit shots. What would make me dress up real well is if I have nicer clothes, if I'm at a party, if I'm in a cold place and if I'm fit.

I wore this for the first time in my outfit post so yay! This is a new pair that I got from the U.S. but sadly, it got wet when I wore it at Rio Grande when I went to Enchanted Kingdom with fashion bloggers.


I guess this will be the most challenging year of college. I'm kind of nervous for my future though since I'm really confused where to go after I graduate. But I want to do so much things! I do hope blogging would open opportunities for me. But I guess the future depends on what I do today. So what are your plans for the future? Any dreams you might want to share? Put that in the comments below! :)

Photos taken by GERD PEREZ

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