I was feeling really hungry today so I went to the nearest McDonald's to satisfy my cravings. To my surprise, there were these mock up Happy Meal boxes on the front of the counting machine (I don't know what it's really called haha) and I was like "Why do they have these? They don't even include the boxes anymore when you buy a Happy Meal." in my head. 

If I had not looked  to my right, I wouldn't have seen this huge poster saying THE HAPPY MEAL BOX IS BACK! Of course me being myself, I freaked out and quickly went to the counter just to get the box even though they currently have the toys that were already released before.

I took a 360 degree picture of the box for your viewing pleasure! Honestly, I'm a sucker for good packaging. I'd buy almost anything that's in a brilliantly designed packaging and the Happy Meal box is no exception. I really love how minimal it is but still striking and very classic. Of course it's not always this way whenever there's a movie tie-in with the toys but I love that as well.

I was really excited to get my hands on this because I've been envying the U.S. for years now for continuing the use of the box. I've been wishing they'd bring it back here in the Philippines for years and now my wish has come true! 

When I first held the box, I noticed that it was rather small. And then I realized, it was always that big through the years. I just grew up. (Awww sad! Lol)

I noticed a slight change though. There used to be panels on the arches that lock them together.

Here's a breakdown of what's usually included in a Happy Meal.

Here's your average Happy Meal toy. It's usually themed, like this one. I really miss the classic McDonald's gang toys. I hope they bring them back more often. Anyways, they're going to release The Smurfs 2 Happy Meal toys on Wednesday. Yay!

And that is pretty much it for my insight on this classic packaging that a true 90s kid would recognize. I'm looking forward to a museum of Happy Meal toys put up by me. Lol! Ciao!

Note: McDonald's Binan and Sta. Rosa, Laguna (Waltermart and Bel Air branch) have the boxes but I'm not sure where else it is available. Not all McDonald's branches have it yet but there's a possibility that it'll go nationwide soon because I think they're still testing the market in some areas.


  1. haha thanks Christine! Long time no see :(

  2. HI I just want to ask, where is that McDonald's? is in Taft near La Salle?

  3. Hi! I bought it in Santa Rosa, Laguna where I currently live :) Not all McDonald's have it yet but I think it'll go nationwide soon

  4. Hey! thanks for the answer! yeah, I noticed that not all McDonald's have that already. anyway I'll just wait here in Makati or in Manila.

  5. dadadadadada da daaa


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