Cravin' for Crave Burger!

Honestly, burgers are one of the reasons why I got fat. Haha! Often times, a cheeseburger from a fast food restaurant wouldn't fill up my tummy if I'm really hungry. If I think I'm still hungry, I'd go for a second one. Very unhealthy, right? But what if burgers can be healthy? In a health-conscious generation, someone will probably come up with an alternative that can make burgers healthy.

It turns out, there's no need for an "alternative" for a healthy burger. It all comes down to the authenticity of the beef and the rest of the ingredients. And that's where Crave Burger comes into picture. Imagine a burger so juicy and tasty without the guilt.

That's what I felt when I tried out Crave Burger. To be honest, I only heard about it when my friend Angel Rodriguez of invited me to try it out and also take photos for her article on

When we arrived at the place, we were met by Mr. Earl Santos, the owner of Crave Burger. By the way, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the Fort branch because Angel and I had a hard time finding it. It's near Starbucks Coffee in Burgos Circle. Anyway, it was nice of Mr. Earl to give us a little background on Crave Burger. This restaurant was kinda like a "hobby" (I forgot the exact term, sorry) to him because this was his way of giving back to the Filipino community. Because of this restaurant, more jobs are provided here.

We first tried out their fries. One thing you'll notice is that there aren't any oil stains. Usually one drop of oil on the paper they use in the trays in fast food chains/restaurants makes a big dot on it. Say goodbye to greasy fingers in Crave Burger!

The fries were just the beginning. We also got to try their BONELESS chicken wings. Huhu! The best chicken wings I've ever tasted! And it's bigger than your average chicken wing minus the preservatives. I was bitin and I wanted more for myself but I was too shy. Haha! You know me, I'm awkward. This is definitely one of the reasons why I'll go back.

Now here's what you've all been craving for! Get it? Crave? No? Ok. Anyway, one bite is all it takes to enjoy their delicious burgers. Just kidding! Their burgers are so delicious that you just couldn't get enough. I sound like a TV ad right now but it really is that good! What sets their burgers apart is that they're healthy. Not only healthy but also fresh because the ingredients are freshly-made and the beef has NO preservatives whatsoever. And they're made to order so freshness and deliciousness is really guaranteed.

To be honest, some of the burgers aren't that big but that is all it takes to fill your stomach. I'm actually surprised that I got full when I've only eaten 1/4 of the actual burger. But of course I just ignored that because I want to try all the burgers. Hahaha! But don't be scared to eat them because it's definitely the food for health junkies and people on a diet. I even saw a guy go inside who looked like he just came from a workout routine. Haha!

For people who think their burgers are still big, they also offer mini ones. Eating only one can already fill your tummy. After all, diet is a matter of portion control.

The restaurant was already featured in a lot of lifestlye shows on TV like this one. Even the boys of Boys Night Out made a makeshift radio station for them. How cool is that?

Here's a picture for comparison of the size!

 Angel, Trice and Seph, if you want this photo taken down, it's fine with me. Hahaha!

A day with good food and good friends will always end up in an awesome one. I tried out Crave Burger with Angel, Trice, Seph and Gerd. We left the place with smiles on our face (and stomach if that's even possible). Heck, as I'm writing this post I was feeling really hungry. All in all, this is one burger place that you should definitely try out for yourself. Make it more fun by bringing along your friends! Eating healthy food goes a long way. Crave Burger definitely inspired me to watch what I eat. Ciao!

While you're at it, check out Crave Burger's facebook page HERE. You can also visit their website at


  1. Delish!! I wanna go here :D

  2. let's go!!!! I've been craving for their chicken wings haha

  3. Nagutom ako bigla. HAHAHA. Nice pictures btw :)

    ink and cigarettes

  4. Jesus Christ, Gelo -this made me so hungry.

  5. HAHA I'll treat you here when you get back!


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