Hey guys! I just want you to know that I'm still alive (lol) and still going to blog. I haven't updated in a few months because I'm really busy in school. Now that I'll be graduating from college in a year, it has been a scary and crazy but fun roller coaster ride. Also, there aren't very many updates with this blog because I want to ensure the quality of each post. I'm currently writing 3 posts to publish hopefully this month. I am also planning to redesign the whole blog with the help of my friend.

Besides blogging, I'm also into a lot of other hobbies such as drawing and making videos. I started making videos on YouTube years ago but it's just this year that I planned to step up my game. Five months ago, I started to try out vlogging/skits and would like to continue with them. I also post short films and will post music videos on my channel. Watch out for the Christmas specials!

Making YouTube videos is also very time-consuming so I try my best to update both my blog and my channel regularly. I'm going to end this post with my videos embedded. I'm pretty sure there's still a long way to go and there's more room for improvement.  I hope you enjoy them! If you miss me(Haha!), I'm updated on my tumblr blog and instagram!


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