Two months ago, I was on a bus really late for school. On my left hand, I was texting my friends hoping for a miracle that I would be able to submit my finals on time. On my right hand, I was still editing this short film. When's the deadline? It's probably by the time arrive at school.

I rushed out of my house at 3 pm after trying to recover from the fatigue of laying down for hours, editing and recording the narration for Her Favorite Color is Red. My friend Mariel had just finished the script that day and I had another finals to finish. We shot our film at my grandpa's house which I think is perfect for the look that we're going for. His AKAI vinyl player is a really nice added touch.

Yes, we shot this film without a solid script but with a story in mind. Although I think it's a good short film, I believe that there is much more room for improvement. With a team composed of four people/friends, it's not that bad. Blood, sweat, tears, money and time was shed during that day and the post-production days. It was all worth it in the end because we got good remarks from the professor.

If not 4.0 (which was the highest grade in LaSalle), I'll be happy with a 3.5 or 3. Come the final day of grading, I only got a 2.0. I got really depressed over the Christmas break. Haha! After all that praising, my professor gave me a really low grade with no explanation and no breakdown. Quality education right there.

In the end, I took it as a challenge to get much better next time. Grades aren't everything! Sulking in one corner won't do me any good. What matters is that I was able to practice my skills, do what I love, and have fun with my friends.

Since we crammed that day, I wasn't able to shoot a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff. Here are some more photos from the shoot!

Now that you've seen the BTS photos and learned what happened during the production, here's the final film! Let me know what you guys think in the comments section.

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