Practicality isn't something that I consider whenever I buy clothes. As long as I love the design on a shirt, I would go as far as to pay 50 freaking dollars for one fucking shirt. (Galaxy Hype shirt anyone?) Well, that used to be the case. But now, thanks to an awesome collaboration between Uniqlo and other brands, personalities and pop culture, I get to buy well-designed shirts that are affordable. Here are some of the stuff that I got.

The first one is this yellow Bart Simpsons shirt. It's so ironic because it's my first time to have a yellow shirt because my wardrobe consists of blue, red, green, black, gray and white clothes. I think it's time to actually live up to my online name. Haha! After so long, I bought a pop culture related shirt. As a kid I had Spider-man, Superman, Jurassic Park, The Rugrats and Power Rangers shirts. I. NEED. MORE.

New York's art and culture is something that I love and would want to have as a lifestyle. So when I found out that MOMA and Uniqlo are collaborating on a collection, I totally freaked out! This is actually my second shirt from the SPRZ NY collection. The first one was Andy Warhol's famous banana (well that sounded wrong).

And last but not the least is Pharrell's i am Other collection! Pharrell is a huge inspiration to me and I admire him for what he does. I just love how his collection pushes away conformity and monotony. The same is lame!

And that's it for my mini haul. I'm expecting a huge haul from this brand because a Uniqlo branch is opening at mall that's very near from where I live. Hopefully I get to save money by the time it opens. New blog posts coming soon!

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  1. I like the simpsons shirt, looks cool 'man.


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