YouTube has been around for a not so long time but it has changed drastically through the years. I first encountered this website back in 2009 after searching for High School Musical’s soundtrack. I really remember that Sam Tsui was one of the first YouTubers that I discovered. Since I was so obsessed with High School Musical, I came across one of his videos called College Musical. Back then, YouTube was much simpler and the community was smaller. I got really hooked with his videos like the classic Michael Jackson Medley and so much more. It skyrocketed his career on YouTube.

Years after that, I never knew I would get the chance to meet them in person. This talented guy along with Kurt Hugo Schneider only existed beyond my computer screen and never have I imagined myself seeing them in the flesh. I was surprised and more than happy to find out that they’re having a concert in the Philippines. I was eager to watch their concert but then I saw the ticket prices and I was like “Nope. I’m broke as hell.”

I might as well just accidentally meet them in L.A. because that is more possible for me. Plus, there wouldn’t be many people and I could possibly engage a short but meaningful conversation and take a proper picture with them.

Luckily, literally an Angel (Rodriguez) came down from the heavens above (I’m exaggerating, obviously). I borrowed concert tickets from her, invited my friend Lian to watch the concert with me and immediately hailed a cab to the concert venue. And that kids, is how I met your favorite YouTuber.

I got two platinum tickets for a steal because it’s actually next to the VIP section. During the concert, we noticed this one girl who was all by herself and introduced ourselves to her. Of course my friend Lian did the talking first because I’m just too awkward to function. Her name happens to be Sharon Nitschke and she’s half-Filipino and half-German! How cool is that? We became friends in an instant.

Sam Tsui’s opening number was Make It Up and I fell in love with the song. After the concert, I looked it up on Sam’s channel and couldn’t stop playing it to this day. The whole band's energy the whole concert was just stunning!

He performed a lot of his hit covers and his original songs as well. I love his original songs just as much as his covers! Maybe even more! Haha

Throughout the concert, Sam and Kurt gave away a baller and a shirt to those who were physically fit enough to actually catch the item amongst the swarming crowd. Haha! They also had a duet with our own artist Rita de Guzman and I really like her voice. We really should give more exposure to our own artists as well!

Here are more concert photos for you to enjoy!

After the last song, I awkwardly asked these adults in front of us in the VIP section if it's okay to ask for their VIP ticket for a meet and greet. After a short awkward conversation and some whispers from them, they gladly gave their ticket not only to me but also to my two friends Lian and Sharon!

We prepared ourselves in the washroom (we’re too haggard) and readied our cameras only to find out that personal cameras aren’t allowed. But no worries because one small restriction won’t disappoint us from meeting Sam and Kurt even for a short, very rushed time. We met two fans who were in front of us and on of them actually got a poster with the set list. Lucky girl! We went in as a group and contained ourselves from freaking out.

After a picture or two, I got to shake hands with THE Kurt Hugo Schneider and THE Sam Tsui hugged me. It was surreal and I couldn’t believe I actually met them. I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. Here's our picture with them:

This is my first ever concert and I can't believe how extremely fun it was! I can't wait to watch more concerts and see more international YouTubers here! Here's my vlog of the concert and watch 7 minutes of concert footage:   


  1. These photos are amazing, Gelo!

  2. hiiii!!!! Omg I didn't know I had an avid reader huhu thank you!!! <3 <3 <3 I use a Canon EOS 60D DSLR! :D

  3. Thanks Gelo for the reply, actually our whole team of designers visits your site regularly (I told them hahaha) for inspiration. We like your event coverage and other stuffs very much. Keep it up! ^_^

  4. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! <3 You made my day :'( (also I apologize for not updating regularly hahaha) What's the name of your team?


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