Hello there, dear readers! (Wait, are there even readers? haha) It's been a while since I last published a blog post. I've been immensely busy with school work and just couldn't find the time to make or think of a creative post. Gone are the days when I could just freely make a post without having to worry about deadlines. Well, I hope all of that changes soon because I'm graduating in a few months!

Yup. You heard me right. I'm in my final term in college and I'm really scared of not meeting my deadlines and not graduating on time. I'm currently working on my thesis project and another project which is why I made this blog post.

As part of the curriculum of my course, I'll be part of a large Multimedia exhibit called REFRAMED. It's my very first time to be part of an art exhibit and it's fun, scary and nerve-wracking at the same time! My exhibit piece will be a mix of photography and illustrations and all of those will be composited and animated into a fantasy short film.

It'll be presented on a giant projector screen (probably as big or bigger than a cinema screen) and the thought of it is super cool! Since I don't want to give away too much about my piece, here are a few details about the exhibit so you can see it in person:

The exhibit will be held at the Green Sun Building from November 28-30. Here's the TVC and a video featuring some of the artists in the exhibit. Some of the clips in my demo reel got included in the featured artists video! Do I get additional life points and a pat on the back? Anyone?

While we're at it, my classmates and I are going to make an art installation for the exhibit as a group and we need your support! To help us fund our installation, my friends put up The Blueberry Art Shop! It's an online shop that sells art prints, notebooks, tote bags and more!

These are designed by us to make it more personal. These products are perfect as Christmas gifts! You're not only supporting local products and artists, you're also helping our dreams turn into a reality! *insert cheeseballs here* Head on there and shop away!

Don't forget. The exhibit is from November 28-30. There will also be talks, performances and more! To find out more about REFRAMED, here are more links to where you can find us. See you there!

Website: http://www.sdamma.com/multimediaartsfestival/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/multimediaartsfestival
Twitter: http://twitter.com/mmartsfestival
Instagram: http://instagram.com/mmartsfestival

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