I've been trying to start this blog post for months now but I just couldn't find the time. I can't believe it's been 2 months since the Creativity + Productivity workshop lead by Arriane Serafico and Abbey Sy. That's how much time I've been busy with school work. (ew, right?) This was supposed to be a follow up to that blog post. I finally made time for this haul post!

After the workshop, there was a mini bazaar featuring bloggers like Abbey Sy, Camie Juan, Jeline Catt and Reese Lansangan. When Reese posted the stuff that she'll sell, I just had to buy some of them from her. I really like her aesthetic and taste when it comes to design/illustration.

I immediately snagged this vintage Disneyland pin because I love Disney (duh) and I like vintage designs.

Captain Planet is one of my fave animated series! A lot of us grew up watching it on Cartoon Network. I guess this is my first Captain Planet merchandise! I hope they make a movie out of it. It's about time!

Of course I just had to get this set of stickers made by Reese! And where else to put them rather than on my laptop case?

Now here's my laptop case filled with Reese's stickers along with some of the stickers I collected over the years. I like that it looks like it was invaded by first graders. And that's it for this haul post! I wanted to get more from her (she sells postcards and pouches too!) but I didn't have enough cash at the time. But I'm sure I'll be able to get more at bazaars that she'll be in.

Before I end this post, be sure to catch Reese and Vica's EP! Message Reese and Vica on Facebook if you wanna order a copy! I'd definitely get one soon. I personally love the design of the packaging. It's so beautiful I wanna cry! Annddd I would always prefer physical CDs if the design is nice, just like this one. Okay byyyeee!

This wouldn't be complete without a picture with Reese herself!


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