Your story is our story. That was the tagline or catchphrase for our art exhibit. REFRAMED is our story shown through a contemporary medium. I was an exhibitor for the Multimedia Arts Festival Special Edition as part of my course in college. It happened last November 28-30 and was held at Green Sun building in Makati City.

For my exhibit piece, I made an animated short using a combination of illustrations and live-action photographs. It's based on my childhood movies and it's called Fantasmic. Yes the name is based on the Disneyland attraction. You'll see some pictures on my Instagram account! I might talk about my exhibit piece in full on a separate blog post soon.

The fun thing about this exhibit is that I get to do it with my lovely talented friends! (L-R) Angelica, Rachel, Thea, Mariel, Nina.

There are two venues for the whole exhibit. Located upstairs is The Eye, which features individual artworks. It also has state of the art 360-degree projection which features different projected artworks including mine.

Downstairs, there's the Axxon which contains collaborated works, class installations and a few solo works.

Besides the exhibit, there's "Conversations", a talk featuring some of the most coveted Filipino artists in the industry. As much as I want to stay the whole talk, I was too busy during the exhibit.

Here are some artworks included in the exhibit! Many of these were made by my friends!

City Dusk by Angelica Regala. This artwork is based on a poem by F. Scott Fitzgerald. But it's not just any regular painting. It's actually printed as a lenticular image in stereoscopic 3D!

Light Basins by Mariel Empit 

Human by Rachel Sy

Fruits of Labor by Allen Patulot

The Mirror of Venus by Thea Bathan

Catharsis by Nina Ledesma

Vessels by Loise Veloso

Drops by Ana Luciano

Acceptance by Kurt Porcel

Struggles of the Right-Brained by Mella Dumali and Etheline Tan. It's a stop-motion film about, well, the struggles of a right-brained. It's on of my faves because I can relate to it so much and I'm a huge fan of stop-motion films.

I also invited my high school friend Lizette to visit our exhibit. It was a good opportunity to catch up with an old friend. We obsess over almost all of the same things and we both share the love for Manix Abrera and Kikomachine Comics! Haha!

Sentire Reels by Timothy De Dios and Gabe Angeles

Perceive by Biel Sabas and Edsel Diego

Hi Ms. Molly! Haha! She's my second adviser for my thesis project.

These are my friends Etheline, Bea, Hazel, Keith, and Mixi!

End of Story by Haya Bayani, Mixi Ignacio, Hazel Solano, Bea Chiong and Robert Valdellon. With that photo and title, you'll probably get a hint at what it's about. But I assure you, it was a cool experience! (Although it was kinda hot inside haha)

This is the first time I witnessed a performance art personally. It's called Pass Time by Keith Montalbo and Manjean Faldas.

Me and my good friend Mixi Ignacio! This was taken on the second day of our exhibit and we had to wear nicer clothes for the VIP Night. I recently collaborated with her for a video project called Hipster Battle.

It's our first collab ever and I'm looking forward to more because it's such a blast working with her! Even though I get cranky during the production, she maintains her calmness/remains the same which is just cray. Haha!

I like this installation too! It's called Malformation and it gives you different perspectives of yourself. It also gave me a disorienting feeling and I actually forgot where the door was. Haha!

This one is our class installation called [Us]Sembly and is a mobile that contains our beloved memories.

Here' are some snippets of our description: "Though different in terms of interests and fields of expertise, we find common ground in our love for art. We will always be labeled, measured, criticized and even be forced to reform to what others want us to be. But we are not dolls for anyone to alter and modify. We are ourselves, and who we are is who we choose to be."

I also made a vlog of the event which you can find below. Since there's so much stuff to see, I've uploaded more exclusive photos on my Facebook page! There are more awesome artworks to see there!

If you find any errors in the blog post, please feel free to correct it in the comments section!


  1. Aw Gelo!!!!! <33333 Miss you b3h, hahahahahaha

  2. wow! Thank you so much Charles!!!! :D I'll do my best to update my blog more this year haha


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