I was mindlessly scrolling through my Instagram feed until this post caught my attention. I found out that Everywhere We Shoot and Team Manila are having a photography and silkscreen printing workshop in partnership with Sony Philippines.

I immediately signed up because it would be awesome to go on a workshop by one of your favorite artists. Also, Team Manila is an awesome Filipino brand and design company who I would love to work with one day.

The workshop was held at this small art gallery in Makati called Suez and Zapote Galerya. I've never heard of it so it took a while before the taxi driver and I found the place. It had screen-printed artworks inside as well as this awesome music set.

The first half of the workshop was handled by Ryan and Garovs Vergara of Everywhere We Shoot. They talked a little bit about their history and how they came to be. After their talk, I immediately wanted to shoot lots of fashion editorials. I've been doing those on my blog for quite some time now. Seeing their works inspired me more to create!

They showed us some photos they took using Sony's RX100M3 and the results were incredible. The workshop was sponsored by Sony and that camera is what we'll use throughout the day. There's even a hashtag that the Sony people asked us to use whenever we share something from the workshop on social media sites.

After their talk, we were tasked to go out and shoot something that represents us best. While we were shooting, Ryan would approach us, including me, and would give tips on shooting with the camera. That was really cool because it felt like I was collaborating with EWWS.

After shooting for a few minutes, they asked us to choose the best photo and we would later on turn that into a shirt and poster with the help of Team Manila. I'm really indecisive when it comes to this so I just chose a photo of electricity lines with clouds in the background. I would regret this decision later on because we were supposed to pick a photo with high contrast and you'll learn why in a bit in this post.

Before we moved on to turning our photos into shirts, Mon of Team Manila gave us an insight into how Team Manila started. Besides photography, I enjoy silkscreen printing too ever since I learned it in grade school. But that was kind of a different process.

This time they showed it how to do it through exposure to light using printed halftone versions of our photos. My friend Gica Vinas had a thesis project about it and you can read an excellent explanation here.

Mine turned out like this. This is the reason why the photo should have high contrasting details. It looked like a patch of black ink and I should've followed my instinct. Oh well. I still like it.

As much as I want to wear this shirt, they gave me the wrong size so I just gave it to my sister when I got home. Haha!

Each of us got a nifty certificate (for bragging rights, of course! jk) and a 10% discount for the camera. I was secretly hoping they would give it us for free. HAHA! I'm actually really sold on the camera. It's really convenient to use and it's perfect for traveling, blogging and vlogging.

The screen can swivel upwards so you can take a better selfie or you can use it for low angle photos. Here am I sneaking a selfie with Garovs. Haha! It also has a built-in wifi so you can immediately transfer photos from the camera and into your smartphone, which is perfect for Instagram! Actually, it's perfect for anything! (This is not a paid endorsement by the way haha)

Before the workshop ended, I took the opportunity to interact and have a picture with Ryan and Garovs. No, scratch that. They're actually my real life parents. HAHA! The workshop was enjoyable and it inspired me to just go out there and keep on creating.

I was filled with so much inspiration afterwards and my life goals became a little bit clearer. One of those goals is to collaborate with Everywhere We Shoot. I do hope it becomes a reality one day.

One of the best things is that we get to shoot using the camera during our free time which gave us the freedom to go all out on it. If you wanna see more photos using Sony's RX100M3 camera, you can see all of my shots on my 2nd instagram account.

All photos in this blog post were shot using that camera and processed with VSCOCam. To see other students' photos with the camera, you can check them out through the hashtag #RX100M3EWSxTM on Instagram. Thank you for reading my post!

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