I was invited by my fellow Stache Magazine creative and friend, Maine Manalansan to attend this year's YS Prom. To be honest I had no idea what it was until I searched the YS Prom hashtag on Twitter. Based on the pictures of last year's party, I really felt intimidated by the crowd.

I didn't feel like I was cool enough (haha) so it took me a long while before I decided to go. I made the decision a day before the party. With that decision I didn't have time to find a onesie or a pajama. I don't really wear pajamas when I sleep so yeah.

My friends Vis and Josh got in the party because of my friend Bea who worked for SM Accessories. This wasn't really part of the plan because they were just supposed to drive me to the venue after watching Ant-Man. Yay for more friends!

My beautiful friend Bea!

Young Star had pizza, fries, cotton candy, and burgers for the guests! There was also beer and craft drinks from EDSA BDG. I love the packaging that they designed for the drinks.

I bumped into my aunt (HAHA) and amazing human Joey Alvero!

I also bumped into my friends Audrey and Nica!

I had a blast with my friends at Young Star's pajama prom party! Huge thanks to Maine for the invite and congratulations to Young Star for celebrating their 19th anniversary. It was really nice seeing creative internet people in the flesh. Haha! See ya again next time!


I popped my Fete de la Musique cherry this year. To be honest, I haven't heard of this event which is really sad. I went to the Indie Fete stage with my friends Josh and Vis. It was also my first time to hear most of these bands' music and I loved it in an instant. Thanks to this event, I discovered a lot of original Filipino music that are really good.

I'm not gonna lie. The event drained a lot of my energy, especially with the hot weather. I'm also not a fan of crowded places that much. Like I needed some breathing space later on but it's all good. I'd love to go to next year's Fete. I highly recommend going to next year's Indie stage! Oh and if you don't know, it's totally free!

The jazz stage is what I want to go to next time. I don't know any Filipino jazz artists yet but aren't we here to discover new artists and appreciate more the ones that we already know and love?

Anyway, I also vlogged the event! You can watch the video here:

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