I popped my Fete de la Musique cherry this year. To be honest, I haven't heard of this event which is really sad. I went to the Indie Fete stage with my friends Josh and Vis. It was also my first time to hear most of these bands' music and I loved it in an instant. Thanks to this event, I discovered a lot of original Filipino music that are really good.

I'm not gonna lie. The event drained a lot of my energy, especially with the hot weather. I'm also not a fan of crowded places that much. Like I needed some breathing space later on but it's all good. I'd love to go to next year's Fete. I highly recommend going to next year's Indie stage! Oh and if you don't know, it's totally free!

The jazz stage is what I want to go to next time. I don't know any Filipino jazz artists yet but aren't we here to discover new artists and appreciate more the ones that we already know and love?

Anyway, I also vlogged the event! You can watch the video here:

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